Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mahi

  mahī—the earth    SB 1.3.15, SB 1.12.5, SB 3.12.11, SB 3.13.15, SB 4.8.79, SB 7.4.16, SB 8.5.32, SB 9.9.43, SB 10.3.1-5, Madhya 13.83
  mahī—land    SB 4.22.44, SB 6.15.21-23, SB 7.7.39
  mahī—the planets    SB 2.10.33, Adi 5.117
  mahi—glory    SB 4.7.24, SB 7.9.12
  mahī—the land    SB 1.10.4
  mahī—the planet earth    SB 4.17.28
  mahī—the whole world    SB 4.28.31
  mahī—the earthly planets    SB 5.20.45
  mahī—the earth.    SB 6.14.10
  mahī—all the land    SB 8.21.29
  mahī—the surface of the world    SB 10.6.12
  mahi—the glorification    SB 10.12.35
  mahī-pate—O King    SB 7.2.34, SB 8.2.29, SB 8.14.2
  mahī-patiḥ—the King    SB 1.19.1, SB 4.18.28, SB 8.24.16
  mahī-pate—O King.    Bg 1.20, SB 8.12.33
  mahī-dhraḥ—the supporter of the world.    SB 3.13.27
  mahī-kṣitaḥ—of the king of the world.    SB 9.23.5
  mahī-kṛte—for the sake of earth    Bg 1.32-35
  mahī-pate—O master of the world    SB 6.18.59
  mahī-pateḥ—of the King    SB 4.14.43
  mahī-pateḥ—of the great king    SB-4.21.28-29
  mahī-patim—unto the King.    SB 8.24.17
  mahī-patiḥ—the ruler of the earth    SB 5.7.4
  mahī-patiḥ—the emperor of the whole world    SB 9.22.41
  mahī-ruhāḥ—the plants and trees    SB 2.1.33
  mahī-ruhāḥ—as well as the trees, the controlling deities    SB 2.10.23
  mahī-tale—upon the ground.    SB 7.5.33
  mahī-tale—upon this earth    SB 9.9.4
  sva-mahi-dhvasta-mahibhiḥ—whose own independence was subordinate to the potency of the Lord    SB 10.13.53

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