Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mahendra

  mahendra—known as Mahendra    SB 7.14.30-33
  mahendra—by the tricks of Indra, the King of heaven    SB 9.8.11

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mahendra

  mahendra-adrau—in the hilly country known as Mahendra    SB 9.16.26
  mahendra-bhavanam—the palace of Indra, the King of heaven    SB 7.4.8
  mahendra-bhavane—the residential quarters of the heavenly King    SB 7.4.9-12
  mahendra-saile—on Mahendra-saila    Madhya 9.198
  mahendra-mani—of jewels of the name mahendra-mani    Antya 1.168
  mahendra-mani-dama—a necklace of indranila gems    Antya 16.74
  mahendra-vaham—the elephant who is the carrier of Indra    SB 6.11.10
  mahendra-asanam—the throne of King Indra    SB 7.4.14