Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mahatam

  mahatam—of great personalities    SB 4.11.34, SB 4.22.49, SB 6.17.15, Madhya 9.269
  mahatam—of the great souls    SB 2.8.16, SB 3.14.48, SB 3.29.17
  mahatam—the great    SB 1.6.25
  mahatam—of the powerful    SB 1.13.47
  mahatam—of the higher personalities    SB 4.4.15
  mahatam—of the great personalities    SB 4.4.22
  mahatam—of the great saints    SB 4.4.26
  mahatam—of the great devotees    SB 4.9.11
  mahatam—of the great    SB 4.21.50
  mahatam—of great devotees    SB 5.1.3
  mahatam—to superiors    SB 5.1.23
  mahatam—of great personalities (mahatmas)    SB 5.14.44
  mahatam—who are very great    SB 6.10.5
  mahatam—of great saintly persons    SB 7.11.8-12
  mahatam—of the great personalities who are fully satisfied in spiritual consciousness    SB 7.14.14

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mahatam

  bhutanam mahatam—of the five gross elements    SB 3.26.23-24
  mahatam api—even though very great    SB 6.3.31