Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mahat

  mahat—great    Bg 1.44, SB 1.6.13, SB 1.6.25, SB 1.7.11, SB 1.15.12, SB 1.18.19, SB 1.18.41, SB 3.8.2, SB 4.2.5, SB 4.4.28 (and more...)
  mahat—very great    Bg 11.23, SB 5.8.15, SB 6.14.44, SB 7.3.18, SB 8.7.8, SB 8.15.1-2
  mahat—to great personalities    SB 5.9.19, SB 7.10.49
  mahat—great.    SB 3.7.7, SB 4.12.48
  mahat—glorious    SB 1.7.49, SB 8.8.10
  mahat—of great souls    Madhya 15.270, Madhya 25.84
  mahat—the total material energy    Adi 5.72
  mahat—very great, exalted    SB 9.20.29
  mahat—a great personality    SB 9.8.11
  mahat—the greatest    Madhya 25.37
  mahat—very, very great.    SB 8.1.12
  mahat—a Vaiñëava    SB 7.15.23
  mahat—most exalted.    SB 7.14.42
  mahat—very big    SB 7.9.2
  mahat—the best    SB 7.8.9
  mahat—insurmountable    SB 6.1.51
  mahat—of the great devotees    SB 5.12.12
  mahat—a great    SB 5.9.20
  mahat—of an exalted personality    Antya 8.32
  mahat—to a great personality    SB 4.30.48
  mahat—of great saintly persons    SB 4.29.39-40
  mahat—great soul    SB 4.24.20
  mahat—of great devotees    SB 4.20.25
  mahat—exalted    SB 4.15.24
  mahat—the great.    SB 4.2.2
  mahat—thick    SB 3.28.21
  mahat—into a gigantic body.    SB 3.13.19
  mahat—the great    SB 3.5.29
  mahat—supreme    SB 3.5.27
  mahat—astounding.    SB 1.15.5
  mahat—severely    SB 1.7.31
  mahat—all-perfect.    SB 1.3.40
  mahat—the total material existence    Bg 14.3

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mahat

  su-mahat—very great    SB 4.23.31, SB 4.24.20, SB 6.5.3, SB 9.9.2
  mahat api—although very great and abominable    SB 6.1.13-14
  mahat yoniù—the source of birth in the material substance    Bg 14.4
  mahat äçcaryam—great wonder    SB 6.12.21
  mahat äsét—was quite gigantic    SB 10.6.14
  mahat-aàça-yuktaù—accompanied by the plenary portion of mahat-tattva    SB 3.2.15
  mahat-adbhutam—great and wonderful    SB 1.5.3
  mahat-anubhava—the conception of great souls    Adi 6.54
  mahat-anugraham—the mercy of the Lord    SB 3.31.15
  mahat-anugrahaù—compassion by the Supreme    SB 7.9.42
  mahat-aparädhera—of a great offense at the feet of the exalted devotee    Antya 3.145
  mahat-atikramaù—trespassing against great personalities.    SB 10.4.46
  mahat-caraëaù—the lotus feet of great devotees.    SB 5.3.14
  mahat-guëaù—great qualities    SB 1.16.1
  mahat-guëäù—good qualities    SB 5.18.12
  mahat-guëäù—high qualities    Adi 8.58
  mahat-guëäù—the high qualities    Madhya 22.76
  mahat-guëäù—exalted transcendental qualities    SB 7.4.34
  mahat-kathaù—famous in history with other exalted personalities.    SB 9.7.21
  mahat-kåpä—the mercy of great devotees    Madhya 22.51
  mahat-kåtena—by that action which is considered the most powerful original existence or which is executed by mahäjanas    SB 10.2.30
  mahat-padam—the supreme abode    Madhya 20.258
  mahat-päda-rajaù—of the dust of the lotus feet of a mahätmä    Madhya 22.52
  mahat-saìgaù—the association of a great person like Närada    SB 7.6.29-30
  mahat-sevayä—by service rendered to pure devotees    SB 1.2.16
  mahat-seväm—the service of the pure devotee spiritual master    Madhya 22.82
  mahat-seväm—service to the spiritually advanced persons called mahätmäs    SB 5.5.2
  mahat-srañöä—the creator of the mahat-tattva, or total material energy    Madhya 20.278
  mahat-srañöä—the creator of the total material energy    Adi 5.56
  mahat-tama—of the great devotees    SB 4.20.24
  mahat-tama—the greatest amongst the living beings    SB 1.18.14
  mahat-tama—the greatest of all greats    SB 1.18.15
  mahat-tama—of the great souls    SB 1.19.13
  mahat-tama—great devotees    SB 1.18.19
  mahat-tama-agraëyaù—the best of the saintly persons (Yudhiñöhira)    SB 7.11.1
  mahat-tamaù—greater than the greatest    SB 4.21.7
  mahat-tamänäm—of those who are great    SB 1.18.18
  mahat-tamäù—the greatest persons    SB 4.4.12
  mahat-tamäù—most exalted devotees.    Madhya 20.373
  mahat-tattva haite—from the total material energy    Madhya 20.276
  mahat-tattvam—the total material energy    Madhya 20.274
  mahat-tattvam—the sum total of cosmic intelligence    SB 3.26.19
  mahat-tattvät—from the mahat-tattva    SB 3.26.23-24
  mahat-upäsakaù—being an unalloyed devotee of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    SB 7.4.30
  mahat-vicalanam—the movement of great personalities    SB 10.8.4
  mahat-vicalanam—the wandering of saintly persons    Madhya 8.40
  mahat-vimågya—sought by great, great saintly persons (devotees of Kåñëa)    SB 7.15.76
  mahat-vimänät—of insulting a great devotee    SB 5.10.25
  mahat-vinindä—the deriding of great souls    SB 4.4.13
  mahat-äçcaryam—greatly wonderful    SB 6.4.40
  mahat-ädayaù—the five elements, the senses and the sense objects    SB 7.9.49
  mahat-ädéni—the total material energy    SB 3.7.21
  mahat-ädéni—the mahat-tattva, false ego and five gross elements    SB 3.26.50
  mahat-ädénäm—beginning with Lord Brahmä    SB 3.29.37
  mahat-ädénäm—of the material sum total known as the mahat-tattva    SB 4.8.78
  mahat-ädénäm—of the mahat-tattva and so on    SB 3.29.1-2
  mahat-ädi—the mahat-tattva, etc.    SB 4.9.7
  mahat-ädi—caused by the total material energy, etc.    SB 4.9.13
  mahat-ädibhiù—with the material energy, etc.    Madhya 20.266
  mahat-ädibhiù—by the total material energy etc.    Adi 5.84
  mahat-ädibhiù—headed by the mahat-tattva.    SB 10.13.52
  mahat-ädibhiù—with the ingredients of matter    SB 1.3.30
  mahat-ädibhiù—with the ingredients of the material world    SB 1.3.1
  mahat-äkhyänam—the great story    SB 8.24.59
  mahat-äkhyänam—the great epic description    Madhya 24.117
  mahat-ätmakam—manifest in the mahat-tattva.    SB 3.26.21