Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: magadha

  magadha—professional genealogists    SB 1.11.20
  magadha—the King of Magadha (Jarasandha)    SB 3.3.10
  magadha—Magadha    SB 8.13.34
  magadha—experts in reciting the histories of special royal families    SB 10.5.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: magadha

  he magadha—O magadha    SB 4.15.22
  magadha-rajanah—the kings in the Magadha dynasty    SB 9.22.44-45
  magadha-samsrayah—under the protection of Jarasandha, the King of Magadha.    SB 10.2.1-2
  suta-magadha-vandibhyah—unto the sutas (the professional reciters of the old histories), the magadhas (the professional reciters of the histories of royal dynasties) and the vandis (general singers of prayers)    SB 10.5.15-16