Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: madhyama

  madhyama—one who is in an intermediate position    SB 4.20.13
  madhyama—middle-class.    Madhya 6.72
  madhyama—in the middle.    Madhya 8.167
  madhyama—middle    Madhya 21.42
  madhyama—intermediate    Madhya 22.64

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: madhyama

  madhyama-adhikari—second-class devotee    Madhya 22.67
  madhyama-avasa—the middle residence    Madhya 21.47
  su-madhyama—a girl whose waist is slender    SB 4.30.16
  su-madhyama—because of her thin waist    SB 10.9.10
  vayase madhyama—grown up    Madhya 14.161