Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: madhyam

  madhyam—middle    Bg 10.20, Bg 10.32, SB 8.1.12, SB 8.6.10
  madhyam—waist    SB 3.20.36
  madhyam—to the middle    SB 4.4.25
  madhyam—between the beginning and the end, the sustenance    SB 8.12.5
  madhyam—maintenance of the present manifestation    SB 8.17.27

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: madhyam

  madhyam-dina-gatah—on the meridian    SB 8.18.6
  madhyam-dine—during the fourth part of the day    SB 6.8.20
  na madhyam—there is no middle    Bg 11.16