Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: madhyahna

  madhyahna—noon lunch    Madhya 9.352, Madhya 10.66
  madhyahna—midday    SB 5.21.7
  madhyahna—at midday    SB 6.9.13-17
  madhyahna—noontime lunch    Madhya 12.219
  madhyahna—bathing at noon    Madhya 20.84

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: madhyahna

  madhyahna karite—to perform His noon duties    Antya 11.43, Antya 11.44
  madhyahna kari—at noon    Madhya 18.78
  madhyahna kari—after finishing His madhyahna activities (taking bath and murmuring mantras)    Madhya 25.15
  madhyahna kari—after performing His noon activities    Antya 16.54
  madhyahna karila—accepted lunch    Madhya 14.23
  madhyahna karite—to take lunch at noon    Madhya 7.84
  madhyahna karite—to accept lunch    Madhya 19.58
  madhyahna karite—to execute His noon activities    Antya 2.127
  madhyahna karite—for performing His midday duties    Antya 6.209
  madhyahna kariya—performing bathing, etc    Madhya 7.85
  madhyahna kariya—finishing His midday duties    Madhya 15.222
  madhyahna kariya—finishing bathing at noon    Madhya 20.72
  madhyahna kariya—after finishing his noon ritualistic ceremonies    Antya 12.124
  madhyahna kariya—after finishing His noon duties    Antya 16.102
  madhyahna karana—after arranging for His bath    Madhya 19.84
  madhyahna paryanta—up to midday    Madhya 12.216
  madhyahna-kale—at midday    Antya 6.283
  madhyahna-paryanta—until noon.    Madhya 18.80
  madhyahna-snana—afternoon bath    Madhya 17.82