Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: madhya

  madhya—without middle    Bg 11.19
  madhya—without an intermediate stage    SB 2.10.34
  madhya—in the midst of    SB 4.30.7
  madhya—middle    Adi 13.14
  madhya—the middle    Madhya 1.18
  madhya—in the middle    Madhya 8.194
  madhyā—intermediate    Madhya 14.149
  madhyā—the intermediate    Madhya 14.151
  aṇḍa-madhya-gataḥ—situated in the center of the universe    SB 5.20.43
  gṛha-madhya—within the home    Madhya 12.97
  gṛha-madhya—within the room    Madhya 12.100
  madhya-ahna—midday duties    Madhya 6.39
  madhya-ahna—at noon    Antya 4.117
  madhya-ahna haila—it is already noon    Madhya 9.181
  madhya-ahna karite—to execute daily noontime duties    Antya 1.60
  madhya-ahna karite—to perform His noontime duties    Antya 1.102
  madhya-ahna karite—to perform His noon duties    Antya 4.92
  madhya-ahne—at noon    Antya 4.118
  madhya-ahne calilā—left to execute noon duties    Antya 1.68
  madhya-gataḥ—being situated in the middle    SB 5.21.3
  madhya-gena—going between the two trees    SB 10.11.4
  madhya-līlā—the middle pastimes    Madhya 1.20
  madhya-līlā—pastimes known as madhya-līlā    Antya 1.9
  madhya-līlā nāma—named the middle pastimes    Adi 13.37
  madhya-līlā-madhye—within the madhya-līlā chapters    Antya 1.10
  madhya-līlāra—of the madhya-līlā    Madhya 1.21
  madhya-līlāra—of the madhya-līlā, the middle portion of His pastimes    Madhya 1.248
  madhya-līlāra—of the middle pastimes    Madhya 1.286
  madhya-līlāra—of this division, known as Madhya-līlā    Madhya 25.240
  madhya-līlāra krama—a chronological list of the pastimes described in the Madhya-līlā of Caitanya-caritāmṛta    Madhya 25.242
  madhya-līlāra sāra—essence of Madhya-līlā    Madhya 25.263
  madhya-mūla—the middle root    Adi 9.16
  madhya-stha—as mediator    Madhya 5.82
  madhya-stha hañā—becoming a mediator    Madhya 10.167
  madhya-sthāne—sitting in the middle    Madhya 11.233
  madhya-vayasa—adolescence    Madhya 8.177
  madhya-yamunāte—in the River Yamunā    Madhya 19.111
  madhya-ādibhiḥ—middle, etc.    Madhya 20.399
  ādi-līlā madhya-līlā antya-līlā āra—therefore there are three periods, namely the ādi-līlā, madhya-līlā and antya-līlā    Madhya 1.21

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