Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: madhurya

  madhurya—sweetness    Adi 4.141, Adi 4.190, Adi 4.242-243, Madhya 2.75, Madhya 9.308, Madhya 21.110, Antya 1.122, Antya 4.34, Antya 13.129, Antya 15.15 (and more...)
  madhurya—the sweetness    Adi 4.143, Adi 4.263, Madhya 8.94, Madhya 20.178
  madhurya—of conjugal love    Madhya 10.119, Madhya 20.97, Madhya 21.44
  madhurya—transcendental sweetness    Madhya 21.122, Madhya 24.42
  madhurya—attractiveness    SB 7.15.70
  madhurya—transcendental bliss    Adi 6.105-106
  madhurya—conjugal love    Adi 7.144
  madhurya—sweet and mellow    Adi 12.95
  madhurya—the sweetness of Krsna    Madhya 21.119
  madhurya—of sweetness    Madhya 21.135
  madhurya—of the pleasing beauty    Madhya 25.259

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: madhurya

  madhurya-purah—abundance of sweetness    Adi 4.146, Madhya 8.149, Madhya 20.182
  krsna-madhurya—the sweetness of Krsna's    Madhya 21.119, Antya 17.39
  aisvarya-madhurya-maya—full of opulence and the sweetness of love    Madhya 21.120
  e madhurya—this ecstatic sweetness    Madhya 21.115
  krsna-madhurya—of an intimate relationship with Krsna    Madhya 20.126
  krsna-madhurya—the sweetness of Lord Krsna    Madhya 21.137
  krsnera madhurya—the sweetness of Krsna's beauty    Madhya 21.118
  mat-madhurya—My sweetness    Adi 4.142
  madhurya carvana—chewing of the sweetness.    Adi 6.103
  madhurya prakasi—manifesting His sweetness    Adi 5.218-219
  madhurya-aisvarya—of the sweetness and opulence    Madhya 21.1
  madhurya-amrta—the nectar of the sweetness    Adi 4.139
  madhurya-amrta—nectar of sweetness    Adi 4.149
  madhurya-amrta—of the nectar of the sweetness    Madhya 21.146
  madhurya-saktye—by His potency of conjugal love    Madhya 24.22
  madhurya-lobhe—being attracted by the same sweetness    Madhya 21.116
  madhurya-mahima—the glories of the sweetness    Antya 17.67
  madhurya-pracurya—the extensive quantity of sweetness in devotional service.    Madhya 25.277
  madhurya-rasa—of the mellow of the conjugal relationship    Adi 4.49
  madhurya-adi-guna-khani—the mine of transcendental mellows, headed by sweetness    Madhya 21.117
  madhurya-asvadana—relishing the sweetness    Adi 6.103
  nija-madhurya—My own transcendental humor    Madhya 8.288
  saurabhya-madhurya—the sweetness and fragrance    Antya 16.107
  sei ta madhurya-sara—that is the quintessence of sweetness    Madhya 21.117
  su-madhurya—very, very palatable    Madhya 25.277
  sva-madhurya—own sweetness    Adi 4.137
  sva-madhurya—His own conjugal love    Adi 17.276
  sva-madhurya—His own transcendental sweetness    Adi 17.317
  sva-madhurya pana—drinking the sweetness of Himself    Adi 6.110
  sva-madhurya—the sweetness of Himself    Adi 6.108
  vrndavana-madhurya—sweet pastimes of Vrndavana    Adi 17.235
  apana-madhurya—personal sweetness    Adi 6.107