Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: madhu

  madhu—honey    SB 5.16.13-14, SB 5.16.24, Adi 10.1, Madhya 14.178
  madhu—Madhu    SB 1.11.11, SB 1.14.25
  madhu—the honey    SB 6.3.33, Madhya 8.180
  madhu—sweethearts    SB 1.16.35
  madhu—honey.    SB 1.18.12
  madhu—fragrant, laden with honey    SB 3.15.17
  madhu—sweet    SB 4.18.17
  madhu—sweet to hear    SB 4.22.17
  madhu—sweetness    SB 4.24.64
  madhu—of honey    SB 4.29.54
  madhu—by honey    SB 5.17.20
  madhu—nectar    SB 6.1.58-60
  madhu—drinking liquor or honey    SB 7.12.12
  madhu—and by the Madhus    SB 9.24.63-64
  madhu—by the honey    Adi 11.1
  madhu—sweet.    Madhya 24.215
  madhu-puri—Mathura    SB 7.14.30-33, Madhya 19.102, Madhya 19.106
  madhu-sudanah—the killer of the Madhu demon.    SB 9.24.60, Adi 4.116
  ati-madhu—extraordinarily sweet    Madhya 21.135
  kama-madhu-lavan—little drops of honeylike sense gratification    SB 5.14.22
  madhu-asru—tears in the form of honey    Madhya 17.200
  madhu-bhit—of the killer of the Madhu demon    SB 4.29.39-40
  madhu-bhuk—enjoying sex life    SB 4.27.18
  madhu-cyut—sweet to hear    SB 1.19.22
  madhu-cyutam—like pouring honey    SB 4.12.28
  madhu-cyutah—dropping honey.    SB 4.19.8
  madhu-dharah—flows of honey    SB 5.16.22
  madhu-dharah—showers of honey    Madhya 8.276
  madhu-dharah—showers    Madhya 24.208
  madhu-dvisah—of the enemy of Madhu (Sri Krsna)    SB 1.10.32
  madhu-dvisah—the enemy of the Madhu asura    SB 3.7.19
  madhu-dvisah—the killer of the Madhu demon.    SB 3.32.18
  madhu-dvisah—of the Lord (the enemy of Madhu)    SB 4.12.21
  madhu-dvisah—of the Lord    SB 4.22.20
  madhu-dvisah—of Visnu, the slayer of the Madhu demon    SB 7.1.38
  madhu-dvit—of Lord Krsna, who killed the demon Madhu    SB 5.14.44
  madhu-dvit—of the killer of the demon Madhu    Madhya 9.269
  madhu-gandhena—with the scent of honey    SB 4.2.25
  madhu-gandhi—the fragrance of honey    Madhya 23.35
  madhu-ha—named Madhusudana    SB 6.8.21
  madhu-ha—the killer of the demon Madhu    SB 10.6.22-23
  madhu-kaitabha-akhyau—known as Madhu and Kaitabha    SB 7.9.37
  madhu-karah—the bumblebee    SB 4.18.2
  madhu-kulya—Madhukulya    SB 5.20.15
  madhu-lavaih—with drops of honey (happiness)    SB 7.9.25
  madhu-mathana—O killer of the Madhu demon    SB 6.9.39
  madhu-mise—by the oozing of honey    Antya 16.148
  madhu-madhavau—flowers and fruits produced during spring, or in the months of Caitra and Vaisakha.    SB 8.8.11
  madhu-pa—and bumble bees    Adi 2.2
  madhu-pate—O Lord of Madhu    SB 1.8.42
  madhu-patih—the master of Madhu (Krsna)    SB 1.10.18
  madhu-puspitayam—in the flowery Vedic language describing the results of ritualistic performances    SB 6.3.25
  madhu-puri—the transcendental city known as Mathura    NoI 9
  madhu-purira—of Mathura    Madhya 17.187
  madhu-puryam—in the city of Mathura    Adi 6.68
  madhu-pana—drinking of the honey    Adi 17.238
  madhu-pane—in drinking the honey.    Madhya 12.214
  madhu-ripu—of Krsna, the enemy of the Madhu demon    Madhya 19.165
  madhu-ripuh—the enemy of the demon Madhu    Madhya 2.36
  madhu-ruhah—Madhuruha    SB 5.20.21
  madhu-smita—sweet smiling    Antya 15.71
  madhu-sudana—Madhusudana    Madhya 20.196
  madhu-sudanah—the killer of the demon Madhu    SB 3.24.6
  madhu-sudanah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is known as Madhusudana, the killer of the demon Madhu    SB 8.12.37
  madhu-udyane—in the garden known as Jagannatha-vallabha    Antya 19.1
  madhu-vana—Madhuvana    Madhya 17.193
  madhu-vanam—of the name Madhuvana    SB 4.8.42
  madhu-vat—as good as honey (“money is honey”)    SB 7.13.36
  madhu-vrata—of bees always hankering for honey    SB 8.18.3
  madhu-vrata—of bees    SB 8.20.32-33
  madhu-vrata-sriya—sweet sound in beauty    SB 3.8.31
  madhu-vrata-pateh—of the king of the bees    SB 3.16.20
  madhu-vrataih—with bumblebees.    SB 4.9.63
  madhu-vrataih—with bees    SB 8.15.12
  madhu-vratam—with bees.    SB 3.33.18
  madhu-vratat—from the bumblebee    SB 7.13.36
  madhu-vratah—the bumblebees    Antya 1.159
  madhu-amada—intoxication by drinking    SB 3.3.15
  madhu-asavena—and the honey    SB 5.25.7
  madhu-kari—as collected by the bees    Madhya 15.243
  madhu-kari—begging little by little like honeybees    Madhya 19.128
  sei madhu—that ambrosia    Madhya 21.140
  sphita-madhu-vratani—having many maddened bumblebees    Antya 1.159
  tara madhu—the honey collected from those lotus flowers    Madhya 25.273

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