Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: madhava

  madhava—of the name Madhava    Adi 10.115, Adi 10.118, Adi 11.14-15, Adi 11.48
  madhava—Madhava    Madhya 13.43, Madhya 13.73, Madhya 18.51, Madhya 20.199
  madhava—Madhavendra Puri    Adi 3.95, Madhya 4.39, Madhya 4.158
  madhava—O Krsna, husband of the goddess of fortune.    Bg 1.36
  madhava—O master of all energies.    SB 2.9.28
  madhava—O Lord, husband of the goddess of fortune    SB 10.2.33
  madhava—Lord Krsna    Madhya 3.114
  madhava—the predominating Deity there, Veni Madhava    Madhya 17.149
  madhava—Sri Krsna    Madhya 18.12
  madhava—Madhava.    Madhya 20.195
  madhava—Bindu Madhava    Madhya 20.216

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: madhava

  madhava-purira—of Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 1.96, Madhya 4.32, Madhya 4.170, Madhya 18.129
  madhava-puri—Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 4.44, Madhya 4.133, Madhya 4.154
  sri-madhava-puri—Srila Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 4.21, Madhya 4.136
  madhava-puri—Sri Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 4.59, Madhya 4.145
  bindu-madhava hari—the Deity known as Lord Bindu Madhava.    Madhya 25.60
  bindu-madhava-carane—the lotus feet of Bindu Madhava.    Madhya 17.86
  bindu-madhava-darasane—to see Lord Bindu Madhava    Madhya 19.38
  sri madhava-puri—unto Madhavendra Puri    Adi 9.10
  sri-madhava—Lord Madhava    Madhya 20.228
  sri-madhava ghosa—of the name Sri Madhava Ghosa    Adi 11.18
  sri-madhava puri—Sri Madhavendra Puri    Adi 13.54-55
  sri-madhava-purira sange—with Sri Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 9.295
  govinda damodara madhava—O Govinda, O Damodara, O Madhava    Antya 19.53
  lalita-madhava—of the name Lalita-madhava.    Madhya 1.38
  lalita-madhava—named Lalita-madhava    Antya 1.126
  lalita-madhava—Lalita-madhava    Antya 4.225
  madhava ghosa—Madhava Ghosa    Madhya 11.88
  madhava gosani—Madhavendra Puri Gosvami    Madhya 4.78
  madhava pandita—of the name Madhava Pandita.    Adi 12.64
  madhava purira—of Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 25.246
  madhava-bhede—according to the different opinion about the bodily features of Lord Madhava    Madhya 20.238
  madhava-darasane—by seeing the Deity, Bindu Madhava.    Madhya 19.41
  madhava-dasa-grhe—at the house of Madhava dasa    Madhya 16.208
  madhava-puri—of the name Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 4.129
  madhava-purike—to Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 4.132
  madhava-purira sisya—a disciple of Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 9.285
  madhava-purira katha—the narration of Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 16.32
  madhava-purira lagi—for Madhavendra Puri    Madhya 4.20
  madhava-saundarya dekhi—after seeing the beauty of Lord Bindu Madhava    Madhya 25.62
  unmadita-madhava—exciting Krsna    Madhya 23.87-91
  vidagdha-madhava—of the name Vidagdha-madhava    Madhya 1.38
  vidagdha-madhava—one is named Vidagdha-madhava    Antya 1.126
  vidagdha-madhava—Vidagdha-madhava    Antya 4.225