Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mada

  mada—by intoxication    SB 4.6.12, SB 5.9.18, SB 6.1.58-60
  mada—intoxication    SB 3.20.29
  mada—by the intoxication    SB 5.25.5
  mada—due to intoxication with kindness    SB 5.25.5
  mada—by the madness    SB 6.13.16
  mada—madness    SB 10.4.27
  maḍā—of a dead body    Antya 18.54
  mṛga-mada—of musk    Madhya 8.171, Antya 15.22
  śrī-mada-andhasya—who is blinded by temporarily possessing riches and opulence    SB 10.10.13
  śrī-mada-andhau—being blind with false prestige and opulence    SB 10.10.7
  śrī-mada-andhayoḥ—who are blinded by celestial opulence    SB 10.10.19
  śrī-mada-andhayoḥ—who had become mad after material opulence and had thus become blind    SB 10.10.40
  śrī-mada-vikriyām—deterioration because of madness due to opulence.    SB 6.7.9
  dhana-mada—in the form of infatuation by material wealth    SB 5.9.17
  kuraṅga-mada-jit—conquering the aromatic smell of musk    Antya 19.91
  mada-aśanaiḥ—who drank honey    SB 8.2.23-24
  mada-andha—blinded by intoxication    SB 5.2.6
  mada-andhaiḥ—blinded by the fragrance    Antya 15.51
  mada-andhaḥ—being blind with power    SB 4.14.5
  mada-andhaḥ—blinded by false prestige    SB 5.24.16
  mada-andhānām—blinded by material opulences    SB 8.22.5
  mada-anvitāḥ—absorbed in conceit    Bg 16.10
  mada-anvitāḥ—absorbed in pride    Bg 16.17
  mada-śīkaraiḥ—with particles of perfumed liquor    SB 9.11.26
  mada-śoṣakaḥ—who can remove the madness    SB 6.18.26
  mada-cyut—liquor dripping from his mouth    SB 8.2.23-24
  mada-hara—intoxicating power    Antya 15.22
  mada-induvara-candana-aguru-sugandhi-carca-arcitaḥ—smeared with the unguents of musk, camphor, white sandalwood and aguru    Antya 19.91
  mada-kala—intoxicated    Antya 1.171
  mada-manthara—maddened by drinking    Adi 5.187
  mada-matta—one is drunk.    Adi 7.22
  mada-matta—being intoxicated by drinking Vāruṇī    Adi 17.118
  mada-mudita—delighted by intoxication    SB 5.25.7
  mada-utkaṭaḥ—too puffed up because of opulence    SB 9.15.20
  mada-utkaṭau—terribly proud and mad    SB 10.10.2-3
  mada-utkaṭāḥ—being mad    SB 8.7.13
  mada-utpathānām—going astray out of false pride    SB 3.1.43
  mada-vihvala—being intoxicated    SB 8.2.23-24
  mada-vihvala-akṣī—whose eyes were restless because of youthful pride    SB 8.9.16-17
  mada-vihvalaḥ—being intoxicated    SB 4.25.57-61
  mada-viḍambi—defeating the pride    Antya 1.168
  mada-āghūrṇita-locanau—their eyes rolling with intoxication    SB 10.10.2-3
  madana-mada—the pride of Cupid    Madhya 21.131
  madirā-mada-andhaḥ—one who is blinded by intoxication.    SB 3.28.37
  maṇimat-mada-ādayaḥ—Maṇimān, Mada, etc.    SB 4.4.4
  mṛga-mada—musk    Adi 4.97
  mṛga-mada—the fragrance of musk    Madhya 2.33
  mṛga-mada—deer musk    Madhya 18.119

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