Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: lupta

  luptā—almost lost    Madhya 19.119, Madhya 24.350
  lupta—stopped    Bg 1.41
  lupta—have been suspended    SB 3.15.9
  lupta—forgotten    Adi 10.90
  lupta—dissipated.    Adi 13.4
  lupta—lost    Madhya 18.5
  lupta haya—becomes hidden    Madhya 21.143
  lupta haya—become unpronounced.    Madhya 24.149
  lupta-kriyāya—not observing rules and regulations    SB 4.2.13
  lupta-tīrtha—lost holy places    Madhya 25.215
  lupta-tīrtha—the lost holy places    Antya 1.218
  lupta-tīrtha—the lost places of pilgrimage    Antya 4.80
  lupta-tīrtha—the lost sites of the holy places    Antya 4.218
  lupta-tīrthera—of lost places of pilgrimage    Madhya 23.103

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