Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: lubdha

  lubdha—have achieved    SB 4.9.12
  lubdha—captivated    Adi 4.260
  lubdha—attracted    Adi 12.95
  lubdha—covetous    Madhya 22.152
  lubdha—greedy    Antya 3.113
  lubdha—enticed    Antya 15.76
  lubdhā—hankering after    Antya 19.90
  lubdha-cetāḥ—My mind being bewildered    Adi 4.146, Madhya 8.149, Madhya 20.182
  lubdha hañā—being very greedy    Antya 3.262
  lubdha hañā—being greedy    Antya 3.264
  lubdha-karṇam—whose ear is attracted    SB 4.29.53

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