Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: lokaya

  lokaya—show    Antya 16.87
  lokäya—and for the devotees who are always in touch with the Lord    SB 1.1.4
  lokäya—for their residence    SB 3.13.42
  lokäya—for creation    SB 4.24.40
  lokäya—for the position    SB 7.1.39

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: lokaya

  jyotiù-lokäya—unto the resting place of all the planetary systems    SB 5.23.8
  sva-lokäya—in understanding himself    SB 7.6.16
  upäsita-lokäya—who is always remembered and worshiped by all the different classes of living entities    SB 5.19.3