Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: loka

  loka—people    Adi 7.156, Adi 7.157, Adi 7.158, Adi 7.160, Adi 8.33, Adi 9.48, Adi 13.83, Adi 13.94, Adi 14.80, Adi 17.49 (and more...)
  loka—the people    Adi 13.21, Adi 14.92, Adi 17.140, Madhya 1.165, Madhya 3.138, Madhya 4.37, Madhya 4.50, Madhya 4.83, Madhya 4.89, Madhya 4.99 (and more...)
  loka—all the people    Adi 9.40, Adi 13.93, Madhya 3.108, Madhya 3.109, Madhya 3.161, Madhya 5.109, Madhya 7.81, Madhya 7.87, Madhya 7.88, Madhya 7.89 (and more...)
  loka—people in general    Adi 8.10, Adi 9.52, Adi 10.89, Madhya 9.94, Madhya 10.110, Madhya 10.162, Madhya 13.133, Madhya 13.140, Madhya 13.175, Madhya 13.177 (and more...)
  loka—all people    Adi 6.114, Adi 7.159, Adi 9.39, Adi 10.88, Adi 13.67, Adi 13.107, Adi 17.93, Madhya 1.277, Madhya 3.111, Madhya 4.93 (and more...)
  loka—persons    Adi 16.39, Adi 17.41, Adi 17.142, Madhya 1.169, Madhya 4.53, Madhya 9.40, Madhya 18.127, Antya 8.27
  loka—of people    SB 8.17.8, Madhya 1.152, Madhya 1.163, Madhya 4.141, Madhya 9.89
  loka—the people in general    Madhya 1.83, Madhya 7.83, Madhya 7.84, Antya 19.20, Antya 20.116
  loka—the worlds    Bg 11.32, SB 1.2.5, SB 3.12.21, SB 3.18.26
  loka—person    Adi 4.25, Adi 12.42, Antya 9.34, Antya 9.41
  loka—of the world    SB 3.20.49, SB 4.31.24, SB 7.9.55
  loka—the planets    Bg 10.3, SB 1.7.32
  loka—planetary system    Bg 11.20, Madhya 11.217
  loka—of the universe    Bg 15.17, SB 3.11.36
  loka—the planetary systems    SB 2.5.42, SB 2.7.2
  loka—world    SB 2.8.8, SB 3.5.48
  loka—planet    SB 2.9.8, SB 4.9.14
  loka—of people in general    SB 5.6.16, Adi 8.43
  loka—the universes    SB 1.3.1
  loka—planets of inhabitants    SB 1.3.3
  loka—in each and every planet    SB 1.16.25
  loka—for all planets    SB 2.8.2
  loka—abode    SB 2.9.22
  loka—customary    SB 3.3.19
  loka—universal    SB 3.8.15
  loka—to the living entity    SB 3.12.25
  loka—for persons    SB 3.28.32
  loka—in society    SB 4.14.37
  loka—the entire world    SB 4.15.6
  loka—by people    SB 4.20.13
  loka—to the citizens    SB 4.20.13
  loka—planets    SB 4.21.48
  loka—material world    SB 4.24.18
  loka—by custom    SB 4.27.25
  loka—material    SB 5.14.18
  loka—with light (or with inhabitants)    SB 5.20.36
  loka—of the land inhabited by living entities    SB 5.20.36
  loka—of this cosmic manifestation    SB 8.3.8-9
  loka—popular customs    Adi 4.176
  loka—the material worlds    Adi 5.84
  loka—citizens    Adi 17.131
  loka—person.    Madhya 1.57
  loka—friends    Madhya 5.39
  loka—some man    Madhya 5.63
  loka—class of men    Madhya 5.86
  loka—popular opinion    Madhya 8.220
  loka—devotees    Madhya 12.205
  loka—all the devotees    Madhya 12.205
  loka—the crowd    Madhya 12.207
  loka—of the crowd    Madhya 13.90
  loka—a person    Madhya 16.237
  loka—to the people    Madhya 16.238
  loka—crowd of people    Madhya 16.265-266
  loka—crowd    Madhya 16.269
  loka—everyone    Madhya 18.128
  loka—to the whims of people in general    Madhya 19.75
  loka—of the material worlds    Madhya 20.266
  loka—people.    Antya 17.50
  loka—O entire world    Antya 17.69

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: loka

  sarva-loka—all people    Adi 13.67, Adi 13.82, Madhya 5.94, Madhya 9.236, Madhya 15.35, Madhya 18.110
  saba loka—all the people    Madhya 4.47, Madhya 4.51, Madhya 5.82, Madhya 18.19, Antya 9.12
  saba loka—all people    Madhya 3.138, Madhya 4.145, Madhya 14.64, Madhya 21.130
  akhila-loka—of all the worlds    Adi 2.30, Adi 3.69, Adi 6.23
  loka-bahyah—without caring for outsiders.    Adi 7.94, Madhya 9.262, Madhya 25.141
  sarva-loka—everyone    Adi 17.187, Adi 17.212, Antya 5.113
  akhila-loka—of the universal planetary systems    Adi 5.141, Madhya 20.306
  gramera loka—all the people of the village    Madhya 7.103, Madhya 18.29
  loka-bahyah—not caring for outsiders.    Madhya 23.41, Antya 3.179
  loka-dharma—social etiquette.    Madhya 11.117, Madhya 21.143
  loka-sanghata—of the multitude of planets    Adi 1.10, Adi 5.93
  loka-srastuh—of Lord Brahma, the creator of the planets    Adi 1.10, Adi 5.93
  loka-trayah—the three worlds    SB 5.24.18, SB 5.24.23
  murkha-loka—foolish persons    Madhya 17.183, Madhya 18.101
  sakala loka—all people    Antya 3.101, Antya 3.211
  sarva-loka—to all people    SB 7.1.44, Madhya 6.58
  sarva-loka—all the people    Adi 7.155, Madhya 15.25
  sei loka—those persons    Madhya 7.117, Antya 9.16
  sei saba loka—all those persons    Madhya 16.166, Madhya 16.251
  akhila-loka—containing all planetary systems    SB 3.28.25
  akhila-loka—by the entire universe    SB 3.28.26
  akhila-loka-natha—the Lord of the universe    SB 2.7.15
  akhila-loka-natham—to the Supreme Person, the controller of everything    SB 10.10.28
  akhila-loka-pala—all the directors of departments of material activities    SB 8.7.31
  akhila-loka-pala-lalamah—the head of all kings and monarchs of the universe    SB 5.6.6
  akhila-loka-palakaih—by the leaders of the different planets, societies, kingdoms and so on    SB 5.18.26
  akhila-loka-palah—all the demigods throughout the universe    SB 8.5.33
  akhila-loka-palah—the demigods, directors of different departments of this universe    SB 8.6.14
  akhila-loka-panam—all rulers of the entire universe    SB 3.1.45
  akhila-loka-saksine—who are the witness of all creation.    SB 8.22.17
  akrurera loka—the people at Akrura-tirtha    Madhya 18.79
  amara-loka-sriyam—the beauty of the residential places of the demigods    SB 5.24.10
  amara-loka-abharanam—which is used for the ornaments of the demigods, the denizens of the heavenly planets    SB 5.16.20-21
  anya loka—other people    Adi 17.87
  asta-loka-pa—of the predominating deities of the eight heavenly planets    SB 3.23.39
  asura-loka—of the regions where the demons reside    SB 3.17.27
  avyutpanna-loka—of persons who are not very experienced or intelligent    SB 5.13.26
  bada bada loka—big, big people    Antya 6.60
  bada loka—a great personality    Antya 13.96
  bhavya-loka—respectable persons    Adi 17.143
  bhavya-loka—respectable gentlemen    Madhya 18.103
  bhagana-loka—the luminaries and higher planets    SB 5.26.40
  brahma-brahmana-yajna-purusa-loka-vidusakah—blasphemous toward the Vedas, the strict brahmanas, ritualistic ceremonies such as sacrifice, and toward the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the devotees    SB 5.6.10
  brahma-loka—the Brahman effulgence    Madhya 19.153
  brahma-loka—of Brahmaloka    Antya 6.136
  sista-loka—gentlemen    Adi 17.43
  cira-loka-pala—permanent governors of the worlds    Madhya 21.58
  cira-loka-pala—permanent governors of the universe    Madhya 21.93-94
  cira-loka-palaih—by the eternal maintainers of the order of creation    SB 3.2.21
  cira-loka-palaih—by the predominating deities of different planets    Madhya 21.33
  santipurera loka—all the people of Santipura    Madhya 3.108
  sastra-loka-atita—beyond the conception of people and the revealed scriptures    Antya 14.82
  dekhila loka—all the people saw    Madhya 18.95
  divya-loka—celestial denizens    Adi 14.76
  dui loka—in two worlds    Madhya 12.48
  dui-loka yaya—one loses this life and the next    Antya 9.144
  dui-loka-nasa—destruction in this world and the next.    Madhya 17.121
  e loka—all these men    Adi 17.177
  ei saba loka—all these people    Madhya 10.39
  gauda-desera loka—the people of Bengal    Antya 2.17
  gramera loka—the inhabitants of the village    Madhya 5.53
  gramera loka—the villagers    Madhya 24.266
  iha-loka—in this world    Madhya 7.111
  iha-loka—this world    Antya 4.131
  jada loka—ordinary common people    Adi 17.23
  jiva-loka-bhava-adhva—the path of material existence of the conditioned soul    SB 5.13.26
  jnati loka—the relatives    Madhya 5.41
  kahe loka—all the people began to say    Madhya 18.97
  koti-sankhya loka—an unlimited number of people    Madhya 1.164
  krsna-loka—the planet known as Krsnaloka    Madhya 20.214
  krsna-loka—the abode of Lord Krsna    Madhya 21.7
  krsna-loka-khyati—the planet known as Krsnaloka    Adi 5.16
  laksa laksa loka—many thousands of people    Madhya 16.258
  laksa laksa loka—many hundreds of thousands of people    Madhya 19.38
  laksa-koti loka—many hundreds and thousands of people    Madhya 16.208
  loka sikhaite—to teach the people in general    Madhya 16.281
  loka dekhi—seeing other people    Madhya 7.97
  loka dekhi—seeing the people    Madhya 9.327
  loka haya—people became    Antya 2.21
  loka hase—all the people began to laugh.    Madhya 15.24
  loka kahe—people said    Madhya 18.59
  loka kahe—the sensible respectable persons said    Madhya 18.104
  loka kahe—the respectable persons replied    Madhya 18.109
  loka kahe—the people said    Madhya 18.117
  loka kare upahasa—people will joke.    Madhya 20.92
  loka nistariba—I shall deliver all the fallen souls    Antya 2.5-6
  loka nistarila—delivered the people.    Madhya 17.151
  loka nistarite—to deliver the people in general    Antya 11.25
  loka saba—all the persons    Antya 6.52
  loka saba aila—all the men returned    Antya 1.23
  loka tarite—to deliver the fallen souls    Madhya 25.171
  loka uthe—people stand up    Madhya 9.337
  loka vidaya karite—to bid farewell to the devotees    Madhya 15.67
  loka aise—people came    Madhya 17.188
  loka asite lagila—people began to pour in.    Madhya 25.173
  loka-adhipatyam—proprietorship of the planet    SB 4.22.45
  loka-alokayoh antarale—between the countries full of sunlight and those without sunlight    SB 5.20.34
  loka-antaram—into a different life    SB 4.28.18
  loka-anusasana-artham—just to instruct the people    SB 5.5.28
  loka-anugatah—following the conditioned souls    SB 3.21.16
  loka-anugatan—the followers of worldly affairs    SB 3.21.17
  loka-apeksa—care for society    Madhya 7.27
  loka-apeksa—dependence on public opinion    Madhya 7.27
  loka-aranya—too great a crowd of people    Madhya 13.128
  loka-atita—never experienced by any common man    Antya 16.110
  loka-bhava—O origin of all planets    SB 8.7.26
  loka-bhaya—the fearful people    Adi 17.94
  loka-bhayam—fear created by animals, poison, weapons, water, air, fire and so on    SB 6.8.34
  loka-bhayam-kara—very fearful to all living entities    SB 5.8.3
  loka-bhayam-karah—causing fear throughout the universe.    SB 3.26.57
  loka-bhaye—fearing the public    Adi 10.22
  loka-bhaye—on account of fearing the crowds of men    Madhya 1.151
  loka-bhida—crowds of people    Madhya 10.186
  loka-bhida bhaye—due to fear of crowds of people    Madhya 16.207
  loka-bhida-bhaye—from fear of the great crowd of people    Madhya 19.114
  loka-bhide—in the crowd of men    Madhya 16.204
  loka-bhide—because of such a crowd of people    Madhya 18.79
  loka-bhavanah—the master of all the universes    SB 1.2.34
  loka-bhavanau—welfare of all living entities.    SB 3.4.22
  loka-bhavanah—desiring the welfare of the people in general    SB 3.14.41
  loka-bhavanah—the maintainer and well-wisher of the three worlds    SB 8.9.27
  loka-bala-ghni—who used to kill human children    SB 10.6.35-36
  loka-salyah—the miseries of the citizens    SB 4.16.27
  loka-samala-apaham—by hearing of which the contamination of the whole material world is vanquished.    SB 10.8.47
  loka-cesta-maya—consisting of popular behavior.    Madhya 1.225
  loka-siksa lagi—for the enlightenment of people in general    Madhya 25.74
  loka-sastrabhyam—the opinion of the common man or common literatures    SB 7.13.45
  loka-dharma—customs of the people    Adi 4.167-169
  loka-dhik-kara—by public condemnation    SB 4.14.12
  loka-dravya—servants and materials    Madhya 16.233
  loka-isaih—by the ruling powers of different planets    SB 6.7.35
  loka-isaih—by the various directors of the universe    SB 8.9.4
  loka-isah—the director named Mitra    SB 3.6.20
  loka-isah visnuh—the demigod Visnu (not the Personality of Godhead)    SB 3.6.22
  loka-isah—the predominating deities of the various planets    SB 8.22.34
  loka-eka-natha—the only proprietor of all the planetary systems    SB 6.9.33
  loka-gana—the people.    Madhya 4.92
  loka-gane—the people    Madhya 8.10
  loka-gati—the course of the world    Adi 3.98
  loka-guruna—by the original teacher of all people, Lord Brahma    SB 4.19.39
  loka-guruna—by the supreme master of all people    SB 4.20.17
  loka-guruna—by the supreme spiritual master of everyone    SB 7.4.29
  loka-gurum—to the teacher of the universe    SB 4.2.7
  loka-guruh—the spiritual master of the people who follow Vedic instructions    SB 6.17.6
  loka-guruh—the spiritual master of this universe    SB 9.15.39
  loka-hita lagi—for the benefit of people in general    Antya 2.136
  loka-hitam—beneficial for all men    SB 2.1.1
  loka-hitam—for the benefit of all living entities    SB 9.4.53-54
  loka-jana—the people.    Madhya 5.116
  loka-jana—crowds of people    Antya 3.151
  loka-jijnasuh—desiring to know about the public    SB 9.11.8
  loka-jugupsitam—which is certainly not very favorable in this world    SB 8.24.2-3
  loka-kalpah—further creation of the three worlds    SB 3.11.23
  loka-lajja—unpopularity    Adi 12.52
  loka-locanam—public vision.    SB 3.2.11
  loka-mangalam—auspicious for everyone.    SB 4.6.35
  loka-mayah—full of planetary systems    SB 2.5.40-41
  loka-mukhe—from the people    Madhya 5.9
  loka-mukhe—from the mouth of those people    Madhya 7.117
  loka-mukhe—from the general public    Madhya 25.220
  loka-manya kalevara—the body beloved by the people in general    Adi 13.119
  loka-matarau—and the earth    SB 2.3.2-7
  loka-matah—O mother of the world    SB 6.19.6
  loka-namaskrtah—worshiped by all people    SB 8.5.5
  loka-namaskrtah—who is honored by all people    SB 9.3.20
  loka-niriksana-artham—just to study the characteristics of the people of this world    SB 5.10.20
  loka-nathe—unto the proprietor of all the universes    SB 1.3.39
  loka-nathah—the predominating deities of various planets    SB 8.21.5
  loka-nathah—the directors of the various planets    SB 9.18.12-14
  loka-patih—public leader    SB 1.17.41
  loka-patih—the proprietor of all planets    SB 2.4.20
  loka-pitamahah—the grandfather of all planetary inhabitants    SB 3.10.1
  loka-prataraka—a first-class pretender.    Madhya 17.116
  loka-pala-arpitaih—offered by the princely order    SB 9.10.33
  loka-pala-akhyam—known as the ruler of all the lokas, or planets    SB 9.20.33
  loka-palaih—by great personalities    SB 4.8.69
  loka-palaih—by the predominating chiefs of all different planets    SB 4.19.4
  loka-palaih—by great demigods    SB 6.14.25
  loka-palaih—by the leaders of various planets    SB 8.23.2
  loka-palaih—with the chiefs of all other planets    SB 8.23.24
  loka-palakaih—by the governors or kings    SB 4.18.7
  loka-palam—who is the maintainer of all the universes    SB 3.24.33
  loka-palasya—of the great demigod Kuvera    SB 10.10.20-22
  loka-palah—the directors of material affairs    SB 3.6.12
  loka-palah—director of the planets    SB 3.6.13
  loka-palah—director of light    SB 3.6.15
  loka-palah—the director    SB 3.6.16
  loka-palah—the kings are    SB 3.8.1
  loka-palah—guardian of the planet    SB 3.17.28
  loka-palah—the protector of the citizens.    SB 4.17.10-11
  loka-palah—the maintainer of the various planets    SB 9.5.5
  loka-palabhaih—who were all expert administrators    SB 1.13.16
  loka-palan—respective kings    SB 3.5.8
  loka-palanam—of the administrative demigods    SB 1.11.26
  loka-palanam—of the governing deities of the planets, the demigods    SB 2.6.6
  loka-palanam—of the governors of the universe    SB 4.2.10
  loka-palanam—of many kings    SB 4.13.23
  loka-palanam—of all the demigods    SB 4.16.5
  loka-palanam—the governing heads of all planets    SB 4.22.54
  loka-palanam—of the governors of the planets    SB 5.16.29
  loka-palanam—of the directors of planetary systems    SB 5.20.30
  loka-palanam—who are entrusted with looking after the universal affairs    SB 5.20.40
  loka-palanam—the predominating deities of all planets    SB 7.3.37-38
  loka-palanam—of the demigods who manage the universal affairs    SB 7.4.5-7
  loka-palanam—of the other demigods in charge of different departments of natural activity    SB 7.4.18
  loka-palanam—of the predominating persons in all planets    SB 8.23.20-21
  loka-palah—the demigods of various planets    SB 3.15.2
  loka-palah—the governors of the different planets    SB 4.7.37
  loka-palah—the demigods    SB 4.16.21
  loka-palah—the great leaders of the universe, beginning with Lord Brahma    SB 5.18.27
  loka-palah—all the chiefs of various higher planetary systems    SB 8.10.26
  loka-pavani—purifying the whole world    SB 9.15.12-13
  loka-pavanah—who are engaged in delivering the entire world from a fallen condition    SB 9.9.6
  loka-ramanat—because of His special mercy in enabling people in general to become devotees    SB 10.2.13
  loka-ravana—O husband, who created the crying of so many other people    SB 9.10.26
  loka-samsayam—the doubt of people    SB 6.3.2
  loka-samstham—the universe    SB 3.20.17
  loka-samsthana—situation of the planetary system    SB 3.9.27-28
  loka-saba—all the people    Madhya 7.87
  loka-sabara—of all the people    Madhya 9.66
  loka-sange—along with associates    Madhya 7.74
  loka-sanghatta—crowds of men    Madhya 1.150
  loka-sanghatta dekhi—by seeing the great crowd of people    Madhya 25.70
  loka-sanghattera—of crowds of people    Madhya 17.50
  loka-sangraham—educating the people in general    Bg 3.20
  loka-sangraham—leading the people in general.    Bg 3.25
  loka-santapanah—giving trouble to the entire universe    SB 7.10.26
  loka-sthane—from the local people    Madhya 18.4
  loka-sulabhah—very easy to achieve for all persons    Madhya 15.110
  loka-srstim—the creation of this cosmic manifestation.    Madhya 19.1
  loka-tantram—the material worlds    SB 3.21.21
  loka-tantranam—in the universal creations    SB 3.6.1
  loka-tattva—the nature of the living beings (especially those who are trying to advance in Krsna consciousness)    SB 7.13.12-13
  loka-tattva-vicaksanah—because he was very experienced in universal affairs.    SB 8.11.48
  loka-tattvam—the mystery of creation    SB 3.8.17
  loka-tirtham—auspicious for the planets    Madhya 24.177
  loka-traya—the three (upper, middle and lower) planetary systems    SB 3.8.25
  loka-traya—the three worlds    SB 3.9.21
  loka-traya—of the three worlds    SB 7.8.35
  loka-traya-ante—at the end of the three lokas (Bhurloka, Bhuvarloka and Svarloka)    SB 5.20.37
  loka-trayam—three worlds    SB 5.24.24
  loka-trayam—the three worlds    SB 8.21.4
  loka-traye—in three planetary systems    Bg 11.43
  loka-tapena—because of the suffering of people in general    SB 8.7.44
  loka-upatapanah—always oppressing everyone    SB 7.7.3
  loka-uttaranam—persons above the human platform of behavior    Madhya 7.73
  loka-vanditaih—by Lord Brahma and Lord Siva, who are praised by all the inhabitants of the three worlds    SB 10.6.37-38
  loka-veda-dharma—social and Vedic religious principles    Antya 14.43
  loka-vira-samitau—in the society or in the midst of many heroes of this world    SB 9.10.6-7
  loka-visrutah—very famous in the world    SB 4.1.31
  loka-vidhim—the law of nature (that everyone dies)    SB 7.2.37
  loka-vimohanam—so wonderful to the people in general.    SB 8.11.33
  loka-vinyasah—the placing of the different planets    SB 5.20.38
  loka-visarga—creation of the cosmic manifestation    SB 3.8.32
  loka-vitanah—the extension of the planetary systems    SB 3.26.52
  loka-vyasanam—danger to the people in general    SB 4.14.7
  loka-vyavahara—behavior like ordinary men    Madhya 16.239
  loka-vrttikarih—means of livelihood    SB 3.6.32
  loka-yatrah—maintenance of the different entities    SB 3.9.20
  loka-arti-hara—vanquisher of the distress of the devotees    SB 3.8.27
  mat-loka-kamah—desiring to go to My abode    SB 5.5.15
  mudha-loka—fools and rascals    Adi 6.104
  mudha-loka—foolish men    Madhya 18.106
  nagariya loka—the citizens in general    Adi 17.129
  namaskara kare loka—all the people offered their obeisances    Madhya 25.164
  nara-loka—human society    SB 3.2.20
  nara-loka—of the material world    SB 5.14.38
  nara-loka—in human society or on the planet earth    SB 9.14.23
  nara-loka-sa-artham—the field of self-interested material activities    SB 5.14.41
  nara-loka-sadharmam—acting as if a human being    SB 5.4.4
  nija-loka—all his relatives    Madhya 5.37
  nija-loka—his servants    Antya 6.52
  nija-loka diya—with my own men    Madhya 20.20
  nija-loka lana—with His personal associates    Madhya 25.167
  nija-loka-yatraya—by a practice arrived at by their own mental concoction    SB 5.6.11
  naga-loka-patayah—the masters of the Nagalokas    SB 5.24.31
  pandita-loka—very learned scholars    Adi 6.49-50
  panca-sata loka—five hundred men    Madhya 12.154-155
  para-loka—for the transcendental world    Adi 15.23
  para-loka—next world    Adi 16.21
  para-loka—in the next world    Madhya 7.111
  para-loka—spiritual world    Madhya 12.48
  para-loka—the next world    Antya 4.131
  pati-loka-parayana—because of being inclined to go with her husband    SB 9.9.36
  sa-loka-palah—along with the demigods (headed by Indra)    SB 4.6.39
  sa-loka-palah—all the great demigods from different planets    SB 4.8.80
  saba loka—all the village inhabitants    Madhya 5.54
  saba loka—all persons    Madhya 7.78
  saba loka—all the people gathered there    Madhya 25.162
  saba loka—everyone    Antya 7.135
  saba loka—every person    Antya 10.76
  saba loka—all the members of the party    Antya 12.17
  saba-loka—all the people    Madhya 19.109
  saba-loka—all men    Antya 5.152
  saba-loka—all people    Antya 10.69
  saha-loka-palah—with the predominant deities of all the planets    SB 8.20.32-33
  sakala loka—all the people in general    Adi 9.49
  sakala loka—all the people    Madhya 9.62
  sakala-loka—all other planets    SB 3.9.18
  sakala-loka-anubhavasya—who is auspicious for all planetary systems    SB 5.24.30
  sakala-loka-sthiti-hetavah—the causes of the maintenance of the different planets within the universe.    SB 5.20.39
  sakala-loka-svastaye—for the benefit of all the planetary systems    SB 5.20.40
  sapta-dvipera loka—people from all of the seven islands within the universe    Antya 2.10
  sarva-loka—all planets and the demigods thereof    Bg 5.29
  sarva-loka—by the residents of all the material planets    SB 3.15.13
  sarva-loka—by all the inhabitants of every planet    SB 3.28.17
  sarva-loka—all over the world    SB 4.1.26-27
  sarva-loka—by all planetary systems    SB 4.9.25
  sarva-loka—in all planets    SB 4.14.21
  sarva-loka—of all the three worlds    SB 6.14.6
  sarva-loka—all persons    Adi 17.32
  sarva-loka—all men    Madhya 9.88
  sarva-loka—all the worlds    Antya 2.3
  sarva-loka—of all the devotees in Puri    Antya 6.264
  sarva-loka hase—everyone began to laugh in pleasure    Madhya 25.21
  sarva-loka-sarma—which brings good fortune to all the various planets    SB 7.8.56
  sarva-loka-eka-palakau—although They are the maintainers of all living beings throughout the whole universe    SB 10.11.45
  sarva-loka-gurum—unto the supreme spiritual master of all living beings    SB 7.10.15-17
  sarva-loka-guruh—the master of all planets, or the teacher of everyone    SB 4.19.3
  sarva-loka-hitah—the Personality of Godhead, who is always auspicious to everyone    SB 9.9.9
  sarva-loka-sthane—to everyone    Antya 8.45
  sarva-loka-sukha-avaham—by hearing of which everyone becomes happy.    SB 8.24.2-3
  sei loka—that person    Madhya 7.98
  sei saba loka—all those people    Madhya 9.10
  sei sei loka—those persons    Madhya 3.12
  siddha-loka—the region of the Siddhas    Adi 5.33
  sura-loka-gitam—praised even in the heavenly planets    SB 7.10.13
  sura-loka-vibhusanam—which decorates the heavenly planets    SB 8.8.6
  sura-loka-vasinah—the celestial denizens of the higher planets    SB 10.11.52
  tina loka kaya—the three places or properties of Lord Krsna.    Madhya 21.90
  tri-loka—three worlds    SB 3.4.32
  tri-loka-manohara-anubhava—O You who are perceived as the most beautiful within the three worlds    SB 6.9.40
  tri-loka-sthitaye—to maintain the three worlds, the upper, middle and lower planetary systems    SB 10.3.20
  tumi-saba loka—all of you people    Madhya 3.189
  urvasi-loka-kamyaya—desiring to go to the planet where Urvasi was present    SB 9.14.44-45
  vijatiya loka—outside people    Madhya 8.28
  visnu-loka-nama—known as Visnuloka    Madhya 21.46
  vividha-loka—different planetary systems    SB 2.7.5
  vividha-loka-yatra—the livelihood of the various planetary systems    SB 5.20.41
  vraja-loka—of the particular servant of Krsna in Vrndavana    Madhya 22.158
  vraja-loka-dhama—the place of Vraja    Adi 5.17
  vrajavasi loka—the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 18.136
  yata loka—all the people    Madhya 3.157
  yata loka—all the persons    Madhya 7.106
  amara loka-sane—with my men.    Madhya 6.62
  atma-loka-avaranasya—from the covering of self-realization    SB 8.3.25