Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: lingah

  lingah—symptoms    SB 1.19.25

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: lingah

  avadhuta-lingah—who remain hidden under different bodily guises    SB 5.13.23
  avyakta-lingah—without manifesting your real identity    SB 5.10.20
  avyakta-lingah—whose symptoms of sannyasa are unmanifested    SB 7.13.10
  avyakta-lingah—whose cause is unmanifested    SB 4.4.21
  mukta-lingah—free from the subtle body.    SB 4.12.18
  tri-lingah—of three kinds    SB 3.20.13
  tri-lingah—the contamination caused by the three modes of material nature (sattva-guna, rajo-guna and tamo-guna)    SB 9.19.25
  tri-lingah—in three features    Madhya 20.312
  vitarkya-lingah—one who is observed with awe and veneration    SB 2.4.19
  yajna-lingah—the form of sacrifice    SB 3.13.13