Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: lekha

  lekhā—or write.    Adi 9.23
  lekhā—to describe by writing.    Adi 10.16
  lekhā—the description.    Adi 11.8
  lekhā—description    Adi 12.4
  lekhā—writing.    Adi 12.56
  lekhā—the writing.    Madhya 19.158
  lekhā—describing    Madhya 20.298
  lekhā—marking    Antya 9.57
  karibe lekhā—can write    Antya 6.309
  lekha-raṅge—in the matter of writing    Adi 8.1
  lekhā kare—accepts    Antya 2.105
  lekhā kariyā—writing    Antya 6.152
  lekhā yāya—one is able to write    Antya 18.105
  lekhā āche—it is written    Adi 12.31
  lekhā-pāra—limitation to writing.    Madhya 21.21
  nāhi lekhā-dāya—there is no account.    Antya 9.122
  rāja-lekhā—governmental permission    Madhya 4.153
  upaśākhā lekhā—they are known as subbranches.    Adi 10.106

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