Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: lava

  lava—fragment    Antya 16.98
  lava—small particle    Antya 16.131
  lava—a fraction    Antya 16.131

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: lava

  asrk-lava—with spots of blood    SB 7.8.30
  kala-lava-visesan—the moments of time    SB 4.29.54
  lava-matra—even for a moment    Madhya 22.54
  lava-adi—consisting of seconds, moments, minutes and hours    SB 7.3.31
  lava-atmabhih—with insignificant gains    SB 3.13.49
  nidra-lava—a fraction of sleep    Madhya 2.7
  phela-lava—a particle of the remnants    Antya 16.96
  preksa-lava-arthah—for obtaining a slight favor    SB 3.16.7