Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: lata

  lata—creepers    SB 1.11.12, SB 3.10.19, SB 4.6.10, SB 4.24.22, SB 4.25.17, Madhya 24.58, Antya 15.38
  lata—of creepers    SB 3.21.40
  lata—with creepers    SB 5.2.4
  lata—and creepers    SB 5.17.13
  lata—vegetables    SB 8.6.22-23
  lata—the creeper of devotional service    Madhya 19.153

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: lata

  vrksa-lata—the trees and creepers    Madhya 17.45, Antya 14.48
  apunya-druma-lata—impious trees and creepers    SB 5.14.12
  bhakti-lata—of the creeper of devotional service    Madhya 19.151
  bhru-lata—of the arched eyebrows    Antya 1.171
  bhuja-lata—by beautiful arms, which are compared to tender creepers in the forest    SB 5.14.28
  divya-lata-paritam—surrounded by transcendental creepers    Antya 1.159
  druma-lata—trees and creepers    SB 8.2.2-3
  dava-lata iva—like burnt leaves    SB 4.8.16
  gulma-lata-ausadhinam—among bushes, creepers and herbs    Antya 7.47
  hema-lata—a golden creeper    SB 8.8.18
  kalpa-lata—a creeper    Madhya 8.209
  lalita-lavanga-lata—beginning with the words lalita-lavanga-lata    Antya 19.84
  lata avalambi—taking advantage of the growing bhakti-lata    Madhya 19.162
  lata-anga-alingitanam—which are embraced by the limbs of creepers    SB 5.24.10
  lata-bhuja-asrayah—who takes shelter of the soft arms of his beautiful wife which are like creepers    SB 5.13.16
  manah-ratha-lata—the creeper of growing love    Antya 1.151
  padmini-lata—the stems of lotus flowers    Antya 18.91
  prati-taru-lata—each tree and creeper    Antya 15.31
  taru-lata—trees and creepers    Antya 18.102
  taru-lata-adi—the creepers, trees and so on    Antya 19.82
  vrksa-lata—tree and creeper    Madhya 17.204
  vrksa-lata-gane—the trees and creepers    Madhya 17.200
  vrksa-lata-pase—by the side of the trees and creepers    Antya 19.99