Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: lalita

  lalita—delicate    SB 5.25.5, Madhya 21.105
  lalita—attractive    SB 1.9.40
  lalita—the symptom explained in verse 192    Madhya 14.168
  lalita—of lalita    Madhya 14.191
  lalita—by the mood known as lalita    Madhya 14.194
  lalitā—Her personal associate named Lalitā    Adi 5.213
  lalitā—and Her associate Lalitā    Adi 5.215
  lalitā—Her companion named Lalitā    Antya 6.10
  lalitā-śrī-viśākhā-anvitān—accompanied by Lalitā and Śrī Viśākhā    Antya 2.1, Antya 3.1
  dhīra-lalita—a person who can keep his girlfriend always in subjugation by different qualities    Madhya 8.187
  lalita-alaṅkṛti-yutā—possessing the lalita-alaṅkāra.    Madhya 14.194
  lalita-bhūṣita—decorated with lalita-alaṅkāra    Madhya 14.193
  lalita-lavaṅga-latā—beginning with the words lalita-lavaṅga-latā    Antya 19.84
  lalita-mādhava—of the name Lalita-mādhava.    Madhya 1.38
  lalita-mādhava—named Lalita-mādhava    Antya 1.126
  lalita-mādhava—Lalita-mādhava    Antya 4.225
  lalitā-ādi sakhī—the gopī associates of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī    Madhya 8.165
  su-lalita—attractive    SB 5.17.13
  su-lalita—beautiful    SB 5.18.16
  su-lalita—excellently composed    SB 5.25.7
  su-lalita—very beautiful    Antya 15.75

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