Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: laksmana

  laksmana—Lord Laksmana    SB 9.10.2, Adi 6.90, Adi 6.105-106
  laksmana—Laksmana    Adi 5.151, Madhya 9.183
  laksmana—by Lord Ramacandraís younger brother    SB 9.10.19
  laksmana—Laksmana, Lord Ramacandra's younger brother    Adi 5.149

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: laksmana

  sri-rama-laksmana—the Deity of Lord Rama and Laksmana    Madhya 9.220
  sri-rama-laksmana—Lord Ramacandra and Laksmana    Madhya 9.222
  laksmana-agra-jam—the elder brother of Laksmana    SB 5.19.1
  laksmana-agra-jah—Lord Sri Ramacandra, the elder brother of Laksmana.    SB 5.19.7
  laksmana-isubhih—by the arrows of Laksmana    SB 9.10.25
  laksmana-sitabhyam—with Laksmana and mother Sita    SB 9.10.39-40
  rama-laksmana—Ramacandra and Laksmana    Adi 5.153
  sahena laksmana—Laksmana tolerates.    Adi 5.150