Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: laksana

  lakṣaṇa—the symptoms    Madhya 8.43, Madhya 14.183, Madhya 16.71, Madhya 19.136, Madhya 19.166, Madhya 22.104, Madhya 22.148, Madhya 23.6, Madhya 23.94, Madhya 24.64 (and more...)
  lakṣaṇa—symptoms    SB 2.10.47, SB 5.20.38, Adi 2.68, Adi 2.69, Adi 4.164, Adi 14.14, Madhya 17.110, Madhya 19.169, Madhya 23.6, Antya 5.23
  lakṣaṇa—the characteristic.    Adi 4.159, Madhya 24.337, Antya 1.149
  lakṣaṇa—symptoms.    Adi 14.14, Madhya 9.272, Madhya 22.71
  lakṣaṇā—interpretation    Adi 7.132, Madhya 6.134, Madhya 6.137
  lakṣaṇa—symptom    Madhya 24.307, Antya 10.6
  lakṣaṇā—the symptoms    Madhya 24.31
  lakṣaṇa—different symptoms    SB 6.1.4-5
  lakṣaṇa—indicating    Adi 2.59
  lakṣaṇa—appearing as    Antya 1.193
  lakṣaṇā—aiming at    SB 2.4.22
  lakṣaṇā—indirect    Adi 7.131
  lakṣaṇā—an interpretation.    Madhya 6.179
  taṭastha-lakṣaṇa—marginal characteristics    Madhya 18.126, Madhya 20.362
  taṭastha-lakṣaṇa—the marginal symptom.    Madhya 20.357, Madhya 22.151
  vaiṣṇava-lakṣaṇa—the symptoms of Vaiṣṇavas    Madhya 16.75, Madhya 24.336
  abhidheya-lakṣaṇa—one's prime business (devotional service)    Madhya 22.4
  bhṛtya-lakṣaṇa-jijñāsuḥ—desiring to exhibit the symptoms of a pure devotee    SB 7.10.3
  śiṣya-lakṣaṇa—the symptoms of a bona fide disciple    Madhya 24.330
  śrī-mūrti-lakṣaṇa—characteristics of the Deity    Madhya 24.335
  śālagrāma-lakṣaṇa—characteristics of the śālagrāma-śilā    Madhya 24.335
  īśvara-lakṣaṇa—characteristics of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 6.90
  īśvara-lakṣaṇa—feature of the Supreme Personality.    Madhya 6.139
  īśvara-lakṣaṇa—sign of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    Madhya 10.54
  īśvara-lakṣaṇa—the characteristics of the Lord are found    Madhya 20.364
  eka-i lakṣaṇa—the symptoms are one and the same    Madhya 22.99
  guru-lakṣaṇa—the symptoms of a bona fide spiritual master    Madhya 24.330
  karaṇa-lakṣaṇa—the characteristics of constructing.    Madhya 24.343
  kare lakṣaṇa-vicāra—describes the symptoms of the avatāras.    Madhya 20.354
  lakṣaṇa-jñāḥ—expert in the art of physiognomy    SB 1.19.28
  lakṣaṇa-rūpayā—representing different characteristics.    SB 3.26.14
  lakṣaṇa-rūpā—there are many symptoms    Madhya 24.31
  nava-lakṣaṇā—possessing nine different processes    SB 7.5.23-24
  nava-lakṣaṇā—possessing nine different systems, as above mentioned    Madhya 9.259-260
  nindāra lakṣaṇa—symptom of blasphemy.    Madhya 10.182
  nivṛtti-lakṣaṇa-mārgaḥ—the path symptomized by renunciation, or the path of liberation    SB 5.26.38
  pramāṇa-lakṣaṇa-saṁsthānataḥ—from the angle of dimensions, particular characteristics and form    SB 5.20.1
  pṛthak lakṣaṇa—the symptoms are different.    Madhya 24.79
  sarva-sat-lakṣaṇa—all-auspicious bodily marks    Madhya 23.70
  sat-lakṣaṇa—transcendental symptoms.    Madhya 17.108
  se-saba lakṣaṇa—all those symptoms    Madhya 17.110
  su-lakṣaṇa—auspiciousness.    Adi 13.90
  sva-lakṣaṇa—Your own marks    SB 1.8.39
  svarūpa-lakṣaṇa—the personal characteristics    Madhya 20.356
  svarūpa-lakṣaṇa—personal symptoms    Madhya 20.357
  svarūpa-lakṣaṇa—personal characteristics.    Madhya 20.360
  svarūpa-lakṣaṇa—symptoms of the nature    Madhya 22.106
  svarūpa-lakṣaṇa—the primary symptom    Madhya 22.151
  svarūpa-lakṣaṇa—natural characteristics.    Madhya 25.124
  sādhu-lakṣaṇa—the symptoms of a devotee    Madhya 24.339
  taṭastha-lakṣaṇa—the marginal characteristics    Madhya 20.356
  triṁśat-lakṣaṇa-vān—possessing thirty characteristics    SB 7.11.8-12
  tāhāra lakṣaṇa—the symptoms of the book    Madhya 1.39-40
  tāhāra lakṣaṇa śuna—just hear the symptom of that    Antya 20.20
  unmāda-lakṣaṇa—the symptom of madness.    Antya 19.32
  unmāda-lakṣaṇa—simply symptoms of madness.    Antya 19.65
  unmādera lakṣaṇa—the symptoms of madness    Madhya 2.66
  viśuddha-prema-lakṣaṇa—the symptoms of pure love of Kṛṣṇa    Antya 20.61
  yāhāra lakṣaṇa—the symptoms of which.    Madhya 25.139
  ārya-lakṣaṇa-śīla-vratāya—who possesses all the good qualities of advanced personalities    SB 5.19.3

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