Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: laila

  laila—took    Madhya 6.38, Madhya 6.201, Madhya 7.75, Madhya 9.202, Antya 7.171, Antya 11.59
  laila—accepted    Adi 12.73, Madhya 4.111
  laila—accepted.    Madhya 4.206
  laila—took.    Madhya 9.306
  laila—uttered    Madhya 17.125
  laila—took away    Madhya 18.182
  lailā—took    Adi 9.8
  śaraṇa laila—took shelter    Antya 5.156
  saṅge laila—He took with Him.    Madhya 16.95

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