Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: laghu

  laghu—lightness    SB 2.10.23
  laghu—the duration of time called a laghu    SB 3.11.7
  laghu—because of being very fine    SB 8.12.23
  laghu—younger    Adi 10.5
  guru-laghu-bhāva—conceptions of high and low    Adi 10.4
  laghu, sama, ārya—junior, equal or superior    Adi 5.144-145
  laghu-bhrātrā haiyā—becoming the younger brother    Adi 5.149
  laghu-bhrātā—younger brother    Antya 4.227
  laghu-bhāgavatāmṛta-ādi—another list, containing Laghu-bhāgavatāmṛta    Madhya 1.41
  laghu-haridāsa—Laghu Haridāsa.    Madhya 18.52
  laghu-hastaiḥ—quick-handed    SB 6.10.25
  laghu-hastavān—with quick handling.    SB 8.11.21
  laghu-pada-cihna—the marks of the lotus feet, which were very small at that time    Adi 14.7
  laghu-rūpāt—situated in a lower position    Antya 1.139
  laghu-vipra—the young brāhmaṇa    Madhya 5.48
  laghu-āśī—eating a small quantity    Bg 18.51-53
  sei laghu-vipra—the junior brāhmaṇa    Madhya 5.54

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