Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: labha

  labha—profit    Madhya 9.118, Madhya 11.115, Antya 9.47
  labha—profit.    Antya 4.75, Antya 8.72
  labha—gain    Bg 4.22
  labha—of all gains    SB 8.5.44
  labha—profit according to material calculations    Madhya 19.159

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: labha

  dui labha—two kinds of achievement    Madhya 20.8
  koti-cintamani-labha—obtaining millions of cintamani stones    Antya 9.95
  labha nahi—there is no profit    Madhya 1.173
  nija-labha—self-realized    SB 1.19.25
  nija-labha—His profit    Antya 5.82
  nija-labha-nivrtta-trsnah—who was complete in Himself and had no other desire to fulfill    SB 5.6.19
  nija-labha-purnah—is always satisfied in Himself (He does not need to be satisfied by the service of others)    SB 7.9.11
  su-labha—easily obtainable    Adi 8.17
  sva-atma-labha-adhigamah—who has achieved knowledge of the self    SB 5.9.9-10
  yadrccha-labha-tustasya—who is satisfied by things obtained by the grace of God    SB 8.19.26
  yatha-labha—with whatever is obtained    Antya 6.286