Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kusuma

  kusuma—of flowers    SB 4.1.54-55, SB 4.21.1
  kusuma—flowers    SB 4.12.31, SB 5.8.12
  kusuma—by flowers    SB 5.24.10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kusuma

  atasika-kusuma—of the linseed flower    SB 3.28.24
  kusuma-astra-vega—pierced by the arrow of Cupid    SB 4.26.26
  kusuma-sarasanam—Cupid    SB 5.5.31
  kusuma-stabaka—of bunches of flowers    SB 5.17.13
  kusuma-utkaraih—various kinds of flowers    SB 7.10.68
  kusuma-akara—springtime    SB 4.25.18
  kusuma-asaram—showers of flowers    SB 4.23.24
  kusuma-asaram—a covering of flowers    SB 8.4.1
  kusuma-ayudhasya—of Cupid, who has a flower arrow in his hand    SB 5.2.6
  vividha-kusuma-kisalaya-tulasika-ambubhih—with varieties of flowers, twigs and tulasi leaves, as well as with water    SB 5.7.11