Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kusa

  kuśa—sharp grass    SB 1.6.13
  kuśa—of kuśa grass    SB 3.22.31
  kuśa—Kuśa    SB 5.1.32
  kuśa—a kind of grass required for ritualistic ceremonies    SB 5.8.12
  kuśa—and kuśa grass    SB 10.7.12
  kuśa-dvīpa—the island called Kuśadvīpa    SB 5.20.13
  kuśa-dvīpa-okasaḥ—the inhabitants of the island known as Kuśadvīpa    SB 5.20.16
  kuśa-dvīpaḥ—the island known as Kuśadvīpa    SB 5.20.18
  kuśa-krathau—Kuśa and Kratha    SB 9.24.1
  kuśa-pāṇiḥ—having kuśa grass on the fingers    SB 4.21.18
  kuśa-stambaḥ—kuśa grass    SB 5.20.13
  kuśa-sthalī—Dvāravatī, or Dvārakā    SB 7.14.30-33
  kuśa-āsana āni—bringing straw mats for sitting    Madhya 24.274

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