Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kupitah

  kupitah—being very angry    SB 4.19.26, SB 8.19.11, SB 9.14.12
  kupitah—being angry    SB 6.11.10, SB 7.5.15
  kupitah—being angry    SB 4.11.4, SB 4.13.19-20
  kupitah—being engaged    SB 1.3.20
  kupitah—being very much angry    SB 4.17.15
  kupitah—angry    SB 6.18.44
  kupitah—having become angry    SB 8.10.19-24
  kupitah—being very angry at him    SB 9.18.36
  kupitah—being full of anger    SB 7.1.38
  kupitah—angry    SB 9.24.65
  kupitah—very angry    Madhya 21.123

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kupitah

  sa-grha-kupitah—He becomes angry at the residents of the house    SB 10.8.29