Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kupe

  küpe—into a well    SB 9.18.17
  küpe—in the well    SB 9.18.18
  küpe—within a well    SB 9.19.3
  küpe—from the well    Madhya 12.107

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kupe

  andha-küpe—in a blind well    SB 5.13.9, SB 5.14.21
  ahi-küpe—in a blind well full of snakes    SB 7.9.28
  andha-küpe—in the blind well    SB 3.31.20
  andha-küpe—in the dark well    SB 5.1.37
  ku-viñaya-küpe—in a well of material enjoyment    Madhya 20.99
  loma-küpe—in the holes of the hair    Adi 5.70
  loma-küpe—within the hair holes    Madhya 20.278
  prati roma-küpe—in every hole of the hair    Antya 10.73
  prati-roma-küpe—in every hair hole    Antya 14.92
  roma-küpe—the pores of the body    Madhya 2.6
  saàsära-küpe—into the well of material existence    SB 7.15.46