Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kunde

  kunde—jump    Madhya 17.41

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kunde

  brahma-kuëòe—at the lake called Brahma-kuëòa    Madhya 18.21
  brahma-kuëòe—at Brahma-kuëòa    Madhya 18.21
  govinda-kuëòe—to the bank of the Govinda-kuëòa    Madhya 4.23
  kåmi-kuëòe—in a lake of worms    SB 5.26.18
  rädhä-kuëòe—in the lake of Rädhä-kuëòa    Adi 10.101
  saba kuëòe—in every lake    Madhya 18.58
  sei kuëòe—in that lake    Madhya 18.10
  yei kuëòe—in which lake    Madhya 18.9
  änanda-kuëòe—in the ocean of transcendental bliss    Madhya 19.230