Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kule

  kule—in the family of    Bg 6.42
  kule—in the society    SB-4.21.37
  kule—from a family    SB 6.1.65
  kule—in the dynasty    SB 7.10.18
  kule—in the dynasty or family    SB 8.19.3
  küle—bank    SB 1.19.17

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kule

  brahma-kule—in the school of the brähmaëas    SB 1.6.8
  brahma-kule—in the family of the brähmaëa    SB 1.16.21
  guru-kule—at the residence of the guru    SB 7.12.1
  guru-kule—under the care of the spiritual master    SB 7.12.13-14
  hindu-kule—in the family of a Hindu    Madhya 16.181
  räja-kule—in the administrative family    SB 1.16.21
  sura-itara-kule—in a family of atheists or demons (who are subordinate to the devotees)    SB 7.9.26
  yamunära küle—onto the beach by the Yamunä    Antya 15.55
  yavana-kule—in the family of a Mohammedan    Madhya 16.181
  yuñmat-kule—in your dynasty    SB 8.19.4