Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kulam

  kulam—his family    SB 7.9.10, Madhya 20.59, Antya 4.69, Antya 16.26
  kulam—family    Bg 1.39, SB 1.7.48, SB 4.11.34
  kulam—dynasty    SB 1.10.26, SB 1.14.9, SB 9.5.10
  kulam—the dynasty    SB 9.3.21, SB 9.15.16, SB 9.23.29
  kulam—families    SB 4.28.56, SB 4.28.57
  kulam—the family    SB 1.7.46
  kulam—orders    SB 1.19.13
  kulam—the whole family    SB 8.18.30
  kulam—the shore    Madhya 11.151

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kulam

  brahma-kulam—the order of the brahmanas    SB 1.7.48
  brahma-kulam—the descendants of brahmanas and Vaisnavas    SB-4.21.39
  brahma-kulam—the brahmana class    SB-4.21.44
  brahma-kulam—the bona fide brahmanas strictly following the Vedic culture    SB 5.14.30
  brahma-kulam—a dynasty of brahmanas    SB 9.2.22
  brahmana-kulam—association with brahmanas    SB 7.14.27-28
  sudra-kulam—the society of sudras    SB 5.14.30
  dvija-deva-kulam—the class of pure brahmanas.    SB 5.3.17
  hamsa-kulam—the association of great paramahamsas, or devotees    SB 5.13.17
  indriya-kulam—all the senses    Adi 4.259
  kulam-dharam—just suitable for the dynasty    SB 1.13.16
  raja-kulam—those who are supported by the government (when the government is finished).    SB 6.16.38
  sva-kulam—His own family    SB 3.4.4
  sva-kulam—own family    SB 3.4.29
  uttama-kulam—the highest class    SB 3.16.23
  vatsa-kulam—the group of calves    SB 10.11.46
  vira-kulam—the group of elevated personalities (the brahmanas)    SB 5.9.17