Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kuca

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kuca

  kuca-kunkuma—with kunkuma powder from the breasts    Antya 15.44
  kuca-kunkuma—with the kunkuma from the breasts    Antya 15.47
  kuca-kunkuma—by kunkuma on the breasts    Antya 18.25
  kuca-kunkuma-arunaih—which were red from the kunkuma covering their breasts    SB 7.2.32
  kuca-kunkumani—red dust on her breast.    SB 3.1.7
  kuca-yugam—the nipples of her breasts    SB 10.9.3
  nutna-kuca-kunkuma-kantayah—their bodies, especially their breasts, were decorated with fresh kunkuma    SB 10.11.33