Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ksiti

  kṣiti—earth    SB 4.8.56
  kṣiti—the earth    SB 5.14.44
  kṣiti—land    Madhya 9.269
  dhruva-kṣiti—the land known as Dhruvaloka    SB 4.9.20-21
  kṣiti-bhāra—the burden of the earth    SB 1.11.34
  kṣiti-śabda—of the word “earth”    SB 5.12.9
  kṣiti-deva-devaḥ—the brāhmaṇas and the demigods    SB 3.1.12
  kṣiti-īśvara—O lord of the world    SB 3.13.9
  kṣiti-īśvaraḥ—ruler of the world.    SB 4.13.19-20
  kṣiti-īśvaraḥ—the emperor of the entire world    SB 9.17.9
  kṣiti-maṇḍalam—on the surface of the earth    SB 1.13.9
  kṣiti-maṇḍalam—the earth planet    SB 4.12.13
  kṣiti-maṇḍalam—the surface of the world    SB 4.29.49
  kṣiti-maṇḍalam—universe    SB 5.25.2
  kṣiti-pṛṣṭhe—the surface of the globe    SB 4.17.9
  kṣiti-tala—the planet earth    SB 2.7.1
  kṣiti-vṛtti-mān—accepting the profession of the earth.    SB 4.16.7
  kṣiti-ādīnām—of the five elements, beginning with the earth    SB 7.15.59
  kṣiti-ādibhiḥ—by the ingredients of the material world, headed by earth    SB 6.16.37

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