Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ksetre

  ksetre—in the wife    SB 3.5.20, SB 4.7.58, SB 9.23.5
  ksetre—in the land    SB 1.17.31, SB 4.19.1
  ksetre—in this tract of land    SB 1.1.21
  ksetre—in the wives and maidservant    SB 9.22.25
  ksetre—at the place of pilgrimage    Madhya 8.3
  ksetre—to Jagannatha Puri    Madhya 11.41
  ksetre—at Jagannatha-ksetra (Jagannatha Puri)    Madhya 12.42

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ksetre

  kuru-ksetre—on the field of Kuruksetra    Madhya 1.53, Madhya 1.78
  animisa-ksetre—the spot which is especially a favorite of Visnu (who does not close His eyelids)    SB 1.1.4
  siva-ksetre—at Siva-ksetra    Madhya 9.78
  sri-ranga-ksetre—to the holy place named Sri Ranga-ksetra    Madhya 9.79
  sri-ranga-ksetre—in Sri Ranga-ksetra    Madhya 9.91
  dharma-ksetre—in the place of pilgrimage    Bg 1.1
  dhanya-ksetre—in paddy fields    Madhya 18.5
  kuru-ksetre—in the place named Kuruksetra    Bg 1.1
  kuru-ksetre—in the holy place known as Kuruksetra    Madhya 13.124
  kurma-ksetre—at the pilgrimage site known as Kurma-ksetra    Madhya 1.102
  soro-ksetre—to the holy place named Soro-ksetra    Madhya 18.144
  soro-ksetre—to Soro-ksetra    Madhya 18.214
  tava ksetre—in your wife    SB 3.21.32