Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ksetram

  ksetram—the field    Bg 13.1-2, SB 5.14.4
  ksetram—field of activities    Bg 13.4, Bg 13.6-7
  ksetram—body    Bg 13.1-2
  ksetram—field of activities (the body)    Bg 13.19
  ksetram—kingdom    SB 1.13.24
  ksetram—the generating center    SB 2.6.1
  ksetram—place    SB 3.33.31
  ksetram—the land    SB 4.21.11
  ksetram—the field of activities    SB 6.5.11
  ksetram—a field    SB 7.11.33-34
  ksetram—field    SB 8.16.11
  ksetram—location    SB 9.6.37

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ksetram

  karma-ksetram—the field of activities    SB 5.4.8, SB 5.14.4, SB 5.17.11
  bhagavat-ksetram—the place where the Supreme Lord is worshiped    SB 5.8.30
  kantaka-sarkara-ksetram—a field covered with thorns and sharp pebbles    SB 5.14.18