Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ksemaya

  kṣemāya—for good    SB 1.1.13
  kṣemāya—to derive the ultimate benefit    SB 1.2.25
  kṣemāya—for the good    SB 1.8.33
  kṣemāya—for protection    SB 1.14.35-36
  kṣemāya—welfare    SB 3.5.7
  kṣemāya—for prosperity    SB 3.12.31
  kṣemāya—for eternal benefit    SB 3.25.43
  kṣemāya—for your happiness    SB 4.6.4
  kṣemāya—for welfare    SB 5.2.8
  kṣemāya—for the benefit    SB 5.10.16
  kṣemāya—for the ultimate welfare    SB 5.11.8
  kṣemāya—for well-being    SB 6.1.12
  kṣemāya—for the maintenance and good fortune    SB 7.3.13
  kṣemāya—for the real benefit of life, or for liberation from material bondage    SB 7.6.5
  kṣemāya—for the welfare    SB 7.7.14
  kṣemāya—for the protection    SB 7.9.13
  kṣemāya—for the benefit of everyone, and especially the devotees    SB 10.2.29

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