Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ksema

  kṣema—peaceful    SB 3.28.3
  kṣema—in a place where there is a scarcity of the ability to fight    SB 10.4.36
  jagat-kṣema-dhātrī—the performer of everything auspicious for the world    Madhya 3.28
  kṣema-darśinaḥ—who always aspire for the welfare    SB 4.14.1
  kṣema-dhāma—the reservoir of all auspiciousness    SB 10.3.26
  kṣema-karmaṇām—of those who are leaders and protectors of the general mass.    SB 2.6.6
  kṣema-lakṣaṇaḥ—the cause of prosperity    SB 4.14.16
  kṣema-udayaḥ—who increases the auspiciousness    SB 5.8.19

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