Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ksaya

  kṣaya—destruction    Adi 17.182, Adi 17.266, Madhya 15.107, Madhya 22.51, Antya 3.61
  kṣaya—diminished.    Adi 10.51
  kṣaya—to destruction.    Adi 14.31
  kṣaya—lost.    Adi 16.59
  kṣaya—vanquished.    Adi 17.96
  kṣaya—dissipation    Antya 3.185
  kṣaya—loss.    Antya 9.47
  bhava-kṣaya—stoppage of repetition of birth and death    Adi 8.28
  bhava-kṣaya—annihilation of material existence    Madhya 20.142
  haila kṣaya—is now vanquished    Madhya 15.276
  haya kṣaya—become null and void.    Adi 16.69
  haya kṣaya—there is destruction    Madhya 15.178
  haya kṣaya—there is dissipation.    Antya 3.183
  haya kṣaya—becomes nullified    Antya 5.45-46
  kailuṅ saba kṣaya—have annihilated all    Madhya 13.156
  kare kṣaya—vanquish    Antya 16.121-122
  kṣaya-kṛt—destroyer    Bg 11.32
  kṣaya-unmukha—on the point of destruction    Madhya 22.45
  kula-kṣaya—in killing the family    Bg 1.37-38
  kula-kṣaya—the destruction of a dynasty    Bg 1.37-38
  puṇya kṣaya—destruction of piety    Adi 5.206
  pāpa-kṣaya—destruction of sins    Adi 3.64
  pāpa-kṣaya—nullifying of sinful activities    Adi 17.217
  pāpa-kṣaya—destruction of sinful reactions    Adi 17.263
  pāpa-kṣaya—disappearance of all reactions to sinful activities    Antya 3.177
  saṁsāra-kṣaya—annihilation of bondage to the material world    Antya 3.70
  saṁsārera kṣaya—annihilation of entanglement in the material world    Madhya 15.109
  saṁsārera kṣaya—deliverance from material bondage    Antya 3.63
  saba kṣaya gela—the effects of all those offenses have been destroyed.    Madhya 25.75
  tāpa-kṣaya—reduction of temperature.    Madhya 4.160
  yāya kṣaya—becomes vanquished.    Madhya 22.49

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