Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ksatra

  kṣatra—the ruling class    SB 1.19.32
  kṣatra—the kṣatriyas    SB 2.1.37
  kṣatrā—by the palace messenger    SB 9.6.43
  brahma-kṣatra—of the brāhmaṇas and kṣatriyas    SB 7.2.10
  kṣatra-antāya—to put an end to all the kṣatriyas    SB 9.16.16
  kṣatra-bandhavaḥ—not kṣatriyas, but the most abominable sons of kṣatriyas.    SB 9.16.12
  kṣatra-bandhavaḥ—the lowest of the kṣatriyas (because we did not act like kṣatriyas)    SB 10.12.43
  kṣatra-bandhubhiḥ—by the lower kṣatriya.    SB 1.18.31
  kṣatra-bandhubhyaḥ—from the unclean kings    SB 4.28.48
  kṣatra-bandhuḥ—the sons of the kṣatriyas    SB 1.18.34
  kṣatra-bandhuḥ—the son of a kṣatriya    SB 4.12.43
  kṣatra-bandhuḥ—the lowest of the kṣatriyas    SB 6.17.13
  kṣatra-bandhuḥ—the family member of a kṣatriya    SB 9.2.9
  kṣatra-bandhuḥ—belonged to the kṣatriya class    SB 9.18.5
  kṣatra-bandhūn—the unworthy administrators    SB 1.16.22
  kṣatra-dharmā—expert in the duties of a kṣatriya    SB 9.17.17
  kṣatra-jātayaḥ—a group of kṣatriyas    SB 9.2.16
  kṣatra-lakṣaṇam—these are the symptoms of a kṣatriya.    SB 7.11.22

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