Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: krte

  krte—in the Satya-yuga    SB 3.11.21, Madhya 20.332, Madhya 20.345, Madhya 20.346
  krte—compiled    Adi 1.91, Madhya 24.100, Madhya 25.149
  krte—having compiled    SB 1.1.2
  krte—having been imposed    SB 1.3.33
  krte—being so done.    SB 1.17.14
  krte—in the age of Satya    SB 1.17.24
  krte—being done    SB 4.6.48
  krte—very nicely performed    SB 6.2.12
  krte—had been committed    SB 9.15.15

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: krte

  bahih-krte—being bereft of    SB-4.21.41
  dharma-krte—for the matter of religion    SB 1.5.15
  krte yuge—in the Satya-yuga    SB 3.21.8
  mahi-krte—for the sake of earth    Bg 1.32-35
  mat-krte—for My sake    SB 3.25.22
  muni-krte—for the good of the sages    SB 3.28.32
  tat-krte—for the sake of that    SB 6.18.25
  tat-krte—because of this    SB 9.14.5
  tat-krte—by acting in that way    SB 10.10.10
  tvat-krte—for you    SB 3.14.10
  vipra-krte—for the benefit of a brahmana    Madhya 5.1
  yat-krte—on whose account    SB 3.9.42
  yat-krte—for which reason.    SB 3.30.2
  yusmat-krte—on your account    SB 1.9.13