Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: krt

  krt—doing.    SB 4.29.18-20, Madhya 24.181
  krt—performing    SB 3.29.25
  krt—one who executes    SB 3.29.32
  krt—carrying out    SB 6.1.58-60
  krt—the cause    SB 6.15.25
  krt—creator.    SB 7.1.11
  krt—which causes    Madhya 23.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: krt

  sannyasa-krt—practicing the renounced order of life    Adi 3.49, Madhya 6.104, Madhya 10.170
  paksma-krt—the maker of eyelashes    Adi 4.152, Madhya 21.124
  adharma-krt—the most mischievous    SB 4.14.12
  akarma-krt—without doing something    Bg 3.5
  akarma-krt—without performing action.    SB 6.1.44
  akarma-krt—without doing anything    SB 6.1.53
  anta-krt—the destroyer.    SB 3.29.39
  artha-krt—required.    SB 7.12.9
  artha-krt—which can give us success.    SB 8.21.19
  avadya-krt—an offender.    SB 4.4.22
  bhaya-krt—a source of fear    SB 3.18.22-23
  bhuta-krt—the creator of the universe.    SB 2.9.44
  bhrtya-kama-krt—who is always ready to fulfill the desires of His servants    SB 8.8.37
  sarma-krt—auspicious.    SB 7.11.31
  sreyah-krt—for doing good to him    SB 1.13.14
  subha-krt—very auspicious to the inhabitants of the universe    SB 5.22.13
  sastra-krt—the compiler of revealed scripture.    SB 1.10.22
  deha-krt—the giver of your body    SB 4.3.24
  deha-krt—the father    SB 9.7.4
  hita-krt—who is beneficial    SB 7.5.37
  janma-krt—progenitor    SB 3.13.7
  jantu-janma-krt—the father of Jantu.    SB 9.22.1
  kalyana-krt—one who is engaged in auspicious activities    Bg 6.40
  kalyana-krt-tama—O you who are the best person to act for our welfare.    SB 8.16.17
  karma-krt—the actor.    SB 4.29.23-25
  kata-krt—carpenter    SB 1.3.18
  ksaya-krt—destroyer    Bg 11.32
  kosah-krt—the silkworm    SB 7.6.11-13
  krtsna-karma-krt—although engaged in all activities.    Bg 4.18
  mantra-krt—minister    SB 3.1.2
  mat-karma-krt—engaged in doing My work    Bg 11.55
  nidesa-krt—directed.    SB 1.17.40
  niyama-krt—one following regulative principles    SB 6.1.12
  priti-krt—ready to please    SB 3.17.20
  priya-krt—just for the benefit    SB 10.11.22
  sapta-krt—seven times    SB 5.1.30
  snana-krt—one who takes a bath    Madhya 18.12
  sodara-nasa-krt—the killer of my brother and sister    SB 10.12.14
  suparsva-krt—the father of Suparsva.    SB 9.21.27
  sva-karma-krt—executing his own work    SB 7.11.32
  tat-vyavadhana-krt—who created an obstruction to the sun and moon at the time of the distribution of nectar    SB 5.24.2
  tava anta-krt—who will kill you    SB 10.4.12
  vamsa-krt—made a dynasty    SB 9.2.33
  vaira-anubandha-krt—determined to continue such enmity.    SB 10.2.23
  vedanta-krt—the compiler of the Vedanta    Bg 15.15
  visva-krt—Lord Brahma    SB 9.14.8
  visva-krt isvarah—it was not difficult for Him, for He is the creator of the whole cosmic manifestation.    SB 10.13.18
  vidhi-krt—(yet He serves you as) an order carrier    SB 7.10.49
  vidhi-krt—giving direction    SB 7.15.76
  viruddha-mati-krt—a statement of opposing elements    Adi 16.62
  viruddha-mati-krt—that which creates a contradiction    Adi 16.64
  adi-krt—all these    SB 3.12.2
  adi-krt—the creator    SB 3.29.45
  adi-krt—beginning of everything    SB 4.11.19
  agah-krt—commits offense    SB 1.17.15
  agah-krt—an offender    SB 3.18.22-23