Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: krsnere

  krsnere—Lord Krsna    Adi 3.102, Adi 3.109, Madhya 21.59
  krsnere—unto Lord Krsna    Adi 4.73, Adi 17.292, Madhya 24.143
  krsnere—Krsna    Madhya 18.107, Antya 1.66, Antya 18.18

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: krsnere

  krsnere bhajaya—worships Lord Krsna.    Madhya 22.35, Madhya 24.113
  krsnere bhajaya—worship Krsna.    Madhya 24.152, Madhya 24.221
  sri-krsnere stuti—prayers to Lord Sri Krsna.    Madhya 23.116
  krsnere bhajana—worships Lord Krsna.    Madhya 24.91
  krsnere bhajaya—render service to Krsna    Madhya 24.145
  krsnere bhajaya—engage themselves in the devotional service of Lord Krsna    Madhya 24.225
  krsnere bhajaya—engages himself in the service of Lord Krsna.    Madhya 24.310
  krsnere kahaya—Krsna is indicated    Madhya 24.82
  manaye krsnere—accepts Krsna.    Antya 7.103