Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: krpara

  krpara—of the mercy    Adi 12.57, Adi 12.74, Madhya 1.72, Madhya 10.139
  krpara—of mercy    Adi 10.48, Adi 10.107
  krpara—in the matter of mercy    Madhya 13.17

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: krpara

  gopala-krpara—of the mercy of Gopala    Madhya 18.55
  krsna-krpara—of the mercy of Lord Krsna    Antya 6.200
  krpara bhajana—object of mercy.    Antya 4.111
  krpara mahima—the glory of the mercy    Antya 16.76
  krpara samudra—ocean of mercy    Madhya 17.75
  krpara samudra—the ocean of mercy    Madhya 20.63
  krpara taranga—waves of mercy.    Antya 4.190
  krpara abhase—by only a glimpse of such mercy    Antya 9.109
  tomara krpara—of Your mercy    Antya 3.71
  tanra krpara mahima—glory of His mercy    Adi 5.158