Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: krpanah

  kṛpaṇaḥ—wretched    SB 3.30.12, SB 6.18.39
  kṛpaṇaḥ—miser    SB 4.28.6, SB 8.19.3
  kṛpaṇaḥ—helpless    SB 5.8.9
  kṛpaṇaḥ—a miserly man    SB 5.8.15
  kṛpaṇaḥ—aggrieved    SB 5.8.16
  kṛpaṇaḥ—a miserly living entity    SB 6.9.49
  kṛpaṇaḥ—the poor bird    SB 7.2.52
  kṛpaṇaḥ—being without spiritual knowledge    SB 8.2.26
  kṛpaṇaḥ—very poor    SB 9.19.9
  kṛpaṇaḥ—a miser with no sense of the importance of life    SB 9.19.12
  kṛpaṇāḥ—the misers    Bg 2.49
  kṛpaṇāḥ—poor creatures    SB 1.13.45
  kṛpaṇāḥ—the foolish persons    SB 7.9.45

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing krpanah.