Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: krpa

  kṛpā—mercy    Adi 1.45, Adi 5.157, Adi 5.159, Adi 5.207, Adi 7.38, Adi 8.65, Adi 8.82, Adi 10.56, Adi 10.70, Adi 11.11 (and more...)
  kṛpā—the mercy    Madhya 1.218, Madhya 2.83, Madhya 2.92, Madhya 7.110, Madhya 7.142, Madhya 10.137, Madhya 19.133, Antya 5.158, Antya 9.72
  kṛpā—of mercy    Madhya 6.85-86, Madhya 10.125, Madhya 14.15, Antya 9.136
  kṛpā—merciful    Adi 5.208, Antya 12.79
  kṛpā—by mercy    Adi 13.98, Antya 13.136-137
  kṛpa—Kṛpa    SB 1.12.13
  kṛpa—mercy    Antya 4.112
  kṛpā—mercy.    Adi 5.59
  kṛpā—to show them mercy    Adi 7.56
  kṛpā—of the mercy    Madhya 19.123
  kṛpā kari—being merciful    Madhya 8.267, Madhya 9.85, Madhya 10.6, Madhya 10.135, Madhya 11.178, Antya 3.132, Antya 3.135, Antya 4.41, Antya 6.139, Antya 7.93 (and more...)
  kṛpā kari—showing mercy    Adi 17.270, Madhya 2.59, Madhya 4.12, Madhya 9.20, Madhya 9.38, Madhya 9.218, Madhya 10.188
  kṛpā kari—by Your causeless mercy.    Madhya 9.161, Madhya 17.128, Madhya 18.204, Madhya 19.249, Madhya 20.101, Madhya 20.103
  kṛṣṇa-kṛpā—the mercy of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 16.241, Madhya 17.75, Madhya 20.104, Antya 16.100
  kṛṣṇa-kṛpā—the mercy of Lord Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 21.145, Madhya 24.104, Antya 6.193
  kṛpā kari—showing causeless mercy    Madhya 9.160, Antya 6.13, Antya 20.122
  kṛpā-sindhu—the ocean of mercy    Antya 2.143, Antya 5.3, Antya 12.2
  caraṇa-kṛpā—the mercy of the lotus feet    Antya 20.147, Antya 20.150
  kṛpā kaila—showed His mercy.    Madhya 25.5, Madhya 25.18
  kṛpā kailā—showed His mercy.    Madhya 16.107, Madhya 19.122
  kṛpā kari—showing your mercy    Madhya 8.120, Antya 1.199
  kṛpā kari—very mercifully    Madhya 8.197, Antya 5.62
  kṛpā kari—showing great mercy    Madhya 17.78, Antya 1.55
  kṛpā kari—being very merciful    Madhya 17.96, Antya 1.207
  kṛpā kari—by his causeless mercy    Madhya 17.167, Antya 6.140
  kṛpā-amṛtena—with the nectar of mercy    Madhya 19.119, Madhya 24.350
  kṛpā-sindhu—to the ocean of mercy    Madhya 1.6
  mahā-kṛpā—great mercy    Madhya 12.41, Antya 16.39
  prabhu-kṛpā—the mercy of Lord Caitanya    Antya 1.61, Antya 6.192
  sei kṛpā—that mercy    Antya 3.170, Antya 9.138
  ati-kṛpā kare—shows me very great favor.    Antya 20.96-98
  bahu kṛpā—great mercy    Madhya 10.6
  bahu kṛpā kari—showing him much mercy.    Antya 1.41
  bahu-kṛpā kailā—showed much affection because of love and mercy    Antya 1.46
  bahu-kṛpā kailā—showed much mercy.    Antya 12.44
  baḍa kṛpā—great mercy    Madhya 21.73
  baḍa kṛpā kailā—You have shown Your causeless mercy    Madhya 17.94
  baḍa kṛpā kailā—bestowed great mercy    Antya 2.39
  bhakta kṛpā-vaśe—being obliged by the devotional service of a devotee    Madhya 16.144
  caitanya-kṛpā-dhāma—of Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, the reservoir of mercy    Adi 10.78-79
  caitanya-kṛpā-phala—the result of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu's mercy.    Antya 13.135
  caraṇa-kṛpā—mercy of the lotus feet    Adi 5.227
  śrī-caitanya-kṛpā—by the mercy of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Antya 6.263
  śuddha kṛpā—pure mercy    Antya 9.139
  īśvara-kṛpā—mercy of the Lord    Madhya 6.88
  īśvarera kṛpā—the mercy of the Lord    Madhya 10.138
  haridāsera kṛpā-pātra—favored by Haridāsa Ṭhākura    Antya 3.167
  jaya kṛpā-maya—all glories to the most merciful Lord    Adi 5.201
  karibena kṛpā—He will bestow mercy    Madhya 11.52
  karibena kṛpā—He will be merciful    Antya 7.158
  kariyācha kṛpā—have bestowed Your mercy    Antya 1.90
  kṛṣṇa-kṛpā—mercy of Kṛṣṇa    Adi 8.7
  kṛṣṇa-kṛpā—the mercy of the Lord    Madhya 7.27
  kṛṣṇa-kṛpā-pātra—suitable candidates for Kṛṣṇa's mercy    Madhya 16.261
  kṛṣṇa-kṛpā-ādi-hetu—the reason of Kṛṣṇa's mercy    Madhya 24.205
  kṛpa-mahā-bala—how greatly powerful is the mercy    Madhya 14.16
  kṛpā kaila—offered His causeless mercy    Madhya 20.94
  kṛpā kailā—bestowed His mercy    Madhya 18.88
  kṛpā kailā—bestowed mercy    Antya 1.87
  kṛpā kara—kindly show favor    Madhya 7.126
  kṛpā kara—kindly be merciful    Madhya 18.201
  kṛpā kara—show mercy    Antya 3.252-253
  kṛpā kara—You bestow mercy    Antya 12.28
  kṛpā kara—bestow your mercy    Antya 16.20
  kṛpā kare—shows His mercy    Madhya 22.47
  kṛpā kare—shows mercy    Antya 3.170
  kṛpā kare—was very kind to him    Antya 9.25
  kṛpā kari—having mercy    Adi 3.82
  kṛpā kari—being merciful to Me    Madhya 8.96
  kṛpā kari—doing a favor    Madhya 10.97
  kṛpā kari—by Your mercy    Madhya 12.34
  kṛpā kari—out of His causeless mercy    Madhya 15.133
  kṛpā kari—bestowing mercy    Madhya 18.210
  kṛpā kari—showing His causeless mercy    Madhya 19.116
  kṛpā kari—out of causeless mercy.    Madhya 20.334
  kṛpā kari—showing Your causeless mercy    Madhya 24.6
  kṛpā kari—giving mercy    Antya 12.70
  kṛpā kari—becoming merciful.    Antya 20.30
  kṛpā karibena—will show His mercy    Madhya 23.28
  kṛpā karibena—He will be merciful (to you)    Antya 2.139
  kṛpā karilā—showed mercy    Antya 20.110
  kṛpā karilā—showed favor    Antya 20.128
  kṛpā karite—to show mercy    Antya 9.148
  kṛpā kariyācha—You have bestowed Your mercy    Antya 1.86
  kṛpā prakāśilā—distributed His mercy.    Madhya 19.253
  kṛpā ta ha-ila—there was mercy.    Antya 1.88
  kṛpā ta kariyā—showing His mercy.    Antya 1.54
  kṛpā ta kariyā—out of mercy.    Antya 6.216
  kṛpā vinā—without His mercy    Madhya 6.82
  kṛpā-ambudhiḥ—the ocean of transcendental mercy    Madhya 6.254
  kṛpā-ardra—melting with kindness    Madhya 13.147
  kṛpā-ariṇā—by His disc of mercy    Madhya 9.1
  kṛpā-avalokena—glancing with mercy    SB 4.1.25
  kṛpā-bale—by the strength of mercy.    Adi 17.138
  kṛpā-chanda-bandha—mercy upon His devotee.    Antya 9.58
  kṛpā-dhana—the treasure of mercy    Madhya 11.49
  kṛpā-dṛṣṭi kari—glancing with mercy    Madhya 16.187
  kṛpā-dṛṣṭye—with merciful glances    Madhya 3.153-155
  kṛpā-guṇaiḥ—by the ropes of causeless mercy    Antya 6.1
  kṛpā-guṇe—by the attribute of mercy    Antya 12.83
  kṛpā-hetu—because of mercy    Antya 1.205
  kṛpā-jalera—of the water of His mercy    Adi 12.5
  kṛpā-leśa—a little mercy    Madhya 6.83
  kṛpā-leśa—little mercy    Antya 4.44
  kṛpā-maya—mercifu1    Madhya 13.139
  kṛpā-maya—merciful    Madhya 15.273
  kṛpā-maya—to the most merciful    Antya 5.2
  kṛpā-maya—all-merciful    Antya 11.37
  kṛpā-mūlye—by the price of Your mercy    Madhya 11.145
  kṛpā-pūrṇa-antara—whose hearts are always filled with mercy.    Antya 12.3
  kṛpā-pārāvāra—an ocean of mercy    Madhya 2.24
  kṛpā-pātra—favorite    Madhya 11.140
  kṛpā-pātra—the favorite devotee    Antya 20.82
  kṛpā-sīmā—the supreme mercy.    Antya 16.57
  kṛpā-sudhā—of the nectar of the mercy    Adi 16.1
  kṛpā-vivarta—mercy appearing as something else    Antya 9.145
  kṛpā-vṛttānta—story of the mercy    Antya 9.132
  kṛpā-ṛṇa—debt for the mercy    Antya 12.83
  kṛpā-ādi—and of mercy and so on    Madhya 21.44
  kṛpā-āliṅgana—embracing out of mercy.    Antya 6.240
  kṛpā-ārdra—all merciful    Adi 8.10
  kāśī-miśre kṛpā—His mercy to Kāśī Miśra    Madhya 1.129
  mahat-kṛpā—the mercy of great devotees    Madhya 22.51
  mahā-kṛpā—great favor    Antya 16.64
  mahā-kṛpā kaila—showed great mercy.    Antya 7.120
  mahā-kṛpā-maya—very merciful.    Madhya 10.5
  mahā-kṛpā-pātra—object of very great mercy    Adi 10.120
  nija-kṛpā-sāṭī—His own used cloth as special mercy.    Madhya 16.202
  nityānanda-kṛpā—the mercy of Lord Nityānanda Prabhu    Antya 6.154
  prabhu kṛpā—of the mercy of the Lord    Madhya 16.106
  prabhu-kṛpā—the mercy of the Lord    Madhya 12.9
  prabhu-kṛpā—the Lord's mercy    Madhya 19.52
  prabhu-kṛpā—Lord Caitanya's mercy    Antya 1.208
  prabhu-kṛpā—the mercy of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Antya 2.148
  prabhu-kṛpā-pātra—very dear to the Lord    Antya 2.158
  prabhura kṛpā—mercy of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Antya 9.108
  prabhāva-kṛpā—influence and mercy, jānibe    Antya 6.89
  pūrṇa-kṛpā—full mercy    Antya 16.99
  sannyāsīre kṛpā—mercy upon the sannyāsīs    Madhya 25.6
  sannyāsīre kṛpā—the mercy shown to the Māyāvādī sannyāsīs    Madhya 25.219
  sva-kṛpā—of their own mercy    Antya 1.2
  sādhu-kṛpā—the mercy of the devotee    Antya 3.266
  sādhu-saṅga-kṛpā—by the mercy of association with devotees    Madhya 24.97
  tat-kṛpa-avalokana—looking for His mercy    Madhya 22.126
  tomāra kṛpā—of Your mercy    Madhya 14.85
  tomāra kṛpā—Your mercy    Antya 6.131
  tomāra kṛpā-añjane—by the eye-ointment of Your mercy    Antya 7.129
  tumi kṛpā kaile—if You are merciful    Antya 6.131
  tāṅra kṛpā—of Lord Caitanya's mercy    Madhya 11.102
  tāṅra kṛpā—His mercy    Madhya 11.103
  yat-kṛpā—whose mercy    Madhya 17.80
  yat-kṛpā—the mercy of whom    Antya 1.1
  yāre kṛpā karena—if anyone is favored by Them    Antya 19.109

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