Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kriya

  kriyā—activities    SB-4.21.35, SB 4.24.62, SB 4.31.16, SB 6.1.41, SB 6.19.12, SB 7.10.65-66, Madhya 23.39
  kriyā—action    SB 3.26.31, SB 4.17.29
  kriyā—Kriyā    SB 4.1.39, SB 4.1.49-52
  kriyā—pastimes    SB 2.10.36
  kriyā—working    SB 3.10.16
  kriyā—enjoyment of fruitive activities    SB 3.21.21
  kriyā—of actions    SB 3.21.30
  kriyā—actions    SB 3.29.33
  kriyā—fruitive activities    SB 3.32.20
  kriyā—senses    SB 4.17.33
  kriyā—working senses    SB 4.20.11
  kriyā—activities of the senses    SB 4.20.12
  kriyā—performances    SB-4.21.34
  kriyā—activity    SB 4.29.67
  kriyā—the activities of the senses    SB 5.18.37
  kriyā—with activities    SB 5.19.25
  kriyā—spiritual activities    SB 6.4.46
  kriyā—such activities    SB 7.12.29-30
  kriyā—the verb    Adi 4.35
  kriyā-advaitam—oneness in activities    SB 7.15.62, SB 7.15.64
  bhajana-kriyā—performance of devotional service to Kṛṣṇa (surrendering to the spiritual master and being encouraged by the association of devotees, so that initiation takes place)    Madhya 23.14-15
  śraddhā, maitrī, dayā, śāntiḥ, tuṣṭiḥ, puṣṭiḥ, kriyā, unnatiḥ, b—names of thirteen daughters of Dakṣa    SB 4.1.49-52
  śravaṇa-ādi-kriyā—the process of hearing, chanting and so forth    Madhya 22.106
  dravya-jñāna-kriyā-ātmakaḥ—consisting of the material elements, the senses for acquiring knowledge, and the acting senses    SB 6.15.25
  dravya-kriyā-devatānām—of (sacrifices including various) paraphernalia, activities and demigods    SB 4.12.10
  icchā-jñāna-kriyā—thinking, feeling, willing, knowledge and activity    Madhya 20.254
  kriyā-arhaṇān—suitable for offering to the yajña in the śrāddha ceremony    SB 9.6.7
  kriyā-arthaiḥ—by fruitive activities and their results    SB 5.18.36
  kriyā-arthaḥ—for the matter of sacrifice    SB 2.7.47
  kriyā-arthe—for acting    SB 3.5.51
  kriyā-arthā—for fruitive activities.    SB 3.9.9
  kriyā-avasāne—at the end of one's prescribed duties    SB 2.2.14
  kriyā-śakti—the creative energy    Madhya 20.252
  kriyā-śakti-pradhāna—the predominator of the creative energy    Madhya 20.255
  kriyā-śaktiḥ—initiation that creates    SB 2.5.24
  kriyā-śaktiḥ—the five senses of activities    SB 2.5.31
  kriyā-śaktiḥ—endowed with active power    SB 3.26.23-24
  kriyā-śaktiḥ—the senses of action    SB 3.26.31
  kriyā-śaktiḥ—the energy for activities, or the working senses    SB 4.28.58
  kriyā-guṇaiḥ—by activities or qualities.    SB 4.29.3
  kriyā-jñānam—the art of performing ritualistic ceremonies    SB 9.22.38
  kriyā-kalāpaiḥ—by practical activities    SB 9.5.25
  kriyā-kalāpaḥ—whose total activities    SB 5.1.6
  kriyā-kāṇḍa—ritualistic ceremonies    SB 8.5.35
  kriyā-kāṇḍeṣu—in the matter of fruitive activities    SB 4.24.9
  kriyā-mūlaḥ—whose root is the performance of yajña and the ritualistic ceremonies mentioned in the Vedas    SB 7.2.11
  kriyā-phalam—the result of such sacrifice    SB 5.7.6
  kriyā-phalam—the results of moving the body here and there, such as feeling fatigue    SB 5.12.4
  kriyā-phalam—the result of any fruitive activity    SB 6.16.11
  kriyā-phale—when the fruit of the action.    Madhya 24.26
  kriyā-tantūn—all spiritual activities    SB 8.13.35
  kriyā-tyāgaḥ—to give up the duty of a householder    SB 7.15.38-39
  kriyā-ucitām—according to the activity.    SB 4.7.51
  kriyā-udayaḥ—awakening of activities (work).    SB 3.10.15
  kriyā-udbhavaiḥ—produced from different activities    SB 7.7.26
  kriyā-viśeṣa—pompous ceremonies    Bg 2.42-43
  kriyā-yajñān—activities and sacrifices (which elevate one to a higher planetary system)    SB 7.15.52
  kriyā-yogaḥ—devotional service    SB 4.13.3
  kriyā-yogena—by bhakti-yoga worship    SB 3.21.7
  kriyā-yogena—by devotional activities    SB 3.29.15
  kriyā-yogāḥ—all activities    SB 1.5.34
  kriyā-āśrayāḥ—manifested by such symptoms    SB 2.5.19
  kriyā-ātmakaḥ—predominantly material activities.    SB 2.5.23
  kriyā-ātmane—unto You, the supreme form of all sacrifices    SB 3.13.39
  kriyā-āyāsān—full of laborious activities    SB 4.29.28
  pitṛ-kriyā—rituals performed after the death of the father    Adi 15.24
  sat-kriyā-arthaḥ—simply for pleasing Your Lordship    SB 3.9.13
  sva-kriyā—personal duties    SB 3.5.38
  veda-kriyā—by ritualistic ceremonies according to the directions of the Vedas    SB 10.2.34

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