Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kridan

  kridan—playing    SB 2.3.15, SB 4.25.44, SB 5.18.39
  kridan—as also personally being engaged    SB 2.4.7
  kridan—while engaged in His pastimes    SB 2.7.33
  kridan—manifesting pastimes    SB 3.5.7
  kridan—working    SB 4.6.43
  kridan—enjoying    SB 9.15.20
  kridan—while playing    SB 9.23.13
  kridan—thus Himself constituting everything in these transcendental pastimes    SB 10.13.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kridan

  kridan iva—just like playing    SB 6.8.1-2